05 May 2020

3 Things To Keep In Mind When Developing A Business Mobile App

Mobile apps have become an excellent way of reaching new customers and expanding a business’s presence. They fit in seamlessly with existing digital media and marketing strategies, and have the potential to support growth hack techniques for massive outreach. Businesses have already noticed this potential and have started implementing digital activities that involve the use of a business mobile application.

An effective mobile app that serves your business goals while also being user friendly and engaging, will not get made by magic. It requires meticulous planning and clear insights into customer needs and behaviour.

While there are many factors to consider, such as budget, platform and competition, the following key points will help structure your initial planning.

3 Things to Consider When Planning A Mobile App for your Business

1. Business Branding

A mobile application is an extension of your business on app stores and customer mobile devices. One of its responsibilities is to amplify your brand presence and represent your business through mobile devices. Therefore, mobile application design and development needs to be done keeping your business’s branding in mind. The easiest way to do this is to make sure your mobile application contains all basic brand identity elements. This includes:

  • Logo
  • Colour Scheme
  • Brand Message
  • Images
  • Typography
  • Brand Personality
mobile app development for business

Does your mobile app tick all the boxes listed above? Help your mobile app development team clearly understand brand identity elements specific to your business. Doing so will allow them to create a mobile application that correctly presents your brand and business to existing customers as well as new visitors.

2. Business Website

The business mobile application needs to be consistent with the business’s website in every respect. Your website plays a key role in creating an identity for your business online. Discrepancies in business message and brand personality can confuse your customers and dilute your brand presence.

To avoid this, all content created for your mobile application must never fall out of your business’s content theme and brand message. Any content created must align with the existing brand identity, add to the business’s presence and maintain content consistency.

3. Objective

What role will the mobile application play in your digital marketing structure? A mobile app should be created to focus on a specific task which will offer genuine value to the app users.  The cost, time and technology for the development will heavily depend on what task/s the app needs to perform. This will be the hook that pulls in app users and will also be a crucial deciding factor of your app’s popularity. For example, an educational institution can create a mobile app which streams topic-wise educational videos.

The objectives of a mobile application have to be in sync with that of your digital marketing structure, and overall business goals. The features and functionality of a mobile app can be finalized based on these requirements. The mobile app development should ensure that the features and functionalities that are required to help the businesses grow through mobile app marketing techniques are available. Learn more about these techniques, Five Ways Mobile Applications Can Help Your Business Grow.

Thanks to improvements in app technology and devices, developing a business mobile app is not difficult. However, developing one that draws in the targeted audience, keeps them engaged, while also meeting your business goals, is not an easy feat. Start your planning with the above points in mind and you will be well on your way to accomplishing this feat. If you get your mobile app development right, the returns are more than worth the effort.

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05 Feb 2020

Importance Of Choosing Right Keywords For your Business

Keywords form the foundation of digital marketing campaigns. Whether its organic marketing or paid marketing, focusing on incorrect keywords will prove disastrous for your campaign’s success. In other words, going after wrong keywords equals wasted time, effort and resources.

What Are Keywords In Digital Marketing?

Keywords are words or phrases used by your potential clients, to find your products or services online. For example, if you are a dentist in Trinidad, your potential clients will search for keywords like:

  1. Best Dentist in Trinidad
  2. Affordable Dentists in Trinidad

For dentists in Trinidad, keywords 1 and 2 above are extremely valuable, because they connect them to their potential customers who are actively searching for them online.

Right website keywords to connect with potential customers online

Types Of Keywords:

Keywords are of two types: Long Tail and Short Tail.

1. Long Tail Keywords – Keywords which are very specific and consist of three or more words. These keywords have low search volume but are valuable for their high buyer intent.

For example, someone searching for “Black Nike Shoes For Men” has a higher buying intent as compared to someone searching for “Nike Shoes”.

2. Short Tail Keywords – Keywords which are very generic and consist of one of two words. These keywords have high search volume but have low buyer intent. Customers use these keywords during the research phase, when they want to learn more about the product or service they are considering investing in.

Why Choosing Right Keywords Is Important?

Here are 5 reasons why businesses need to get their keywords right.

  1. Effective content creation
  2. Correct on-page optimization
  3. Better understanding of customer’s needs
  4. Higher campaign success rates
  5. Higher return on investment

Even if your business website design is excellent, it’s of no value if it does not attract the right audience. As a result, your website ends up suffering from high bounce rate and low conversions. This calls for an immediate assessment of keywords. If your business website is struggling with this, consult with your digital marketing specialist before you make any further investments in your digital marketing campaigns.

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