About Us

Who are we at Webfx?

We’re a crazy group that hires and inspires disruptive talent to produce truly out of the box solutions for our clients’ media needs. We’re a 360° media company that designs websites, mobile apps, online games and traditional media campaigns including press, radio and T.V. We also dabble a bit in brand strategy.


The Mission

To partner with our clients to produce media that is effective, functional and delivers results. 


The Vision

To be the first in everything we do.


Key Personnel

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I love working with the team. They think I’m the driving force but they drive me more than they realize.

Douglas Ames

Managing Director

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I thrive in a fast-paced and vibrant environment filled with opportunity to learn new things and explore creativity alongside an enthusiastic team.

Nicholas Shaw

Creative Director

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We don't grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges. Every day at Webfx is a new challenge that allows me to grow in a different way every time.

Richelle De Souza

Client Services Manager

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Understand deeply, strategise comprehensively and Dream Big!

Anton Francis

Associate Creative Director


People We Trust


Love From Our Clients

Webfx works as a true partner in the digital space. They consistently deliver results. The engagement on our social media networks has never been better. They’re also willing to try and fail, sharing in the risk of innovating with us.

Antron Forte

Marketing Manager
Traditional advertising wasn’t working for us. We’ve seen tremendous growth in our dog food sales due to Webfx’s digital media campaigns

Kevon Fields

Brand Activation Officer