12 Feb 2021

Five types of CTAs your business’s website must have for higher conversions

A CTA or ‘Call to Action’ is a website element that prompts visitors to take a certain action. The most common forms of CTAs are ‘Read More’, ‘Contact Us’ and ‘Buy Now’. Here are some more examples.

Popular CTAs on website

A CTA is an effective technique of ushering website visitors towards the next step you want them to take. Its literally ‘Calling’ website users to take an ‘Action’, that will bring them a step closer to becoming paying customers. An experienced website design company is skilled at strategically placing appropriate CTAs on a business’s website, in order to guide users toward a desired action necessary to meet a business’s online objectives. Let’s go through five CTA types a business website must include in its digital marketing plan.

5 business website CTAs for higher conversions

1. CTAs that encourage visitors to stay longer on the website:

The purpose of such a CTA is to effortlessly move visitors from one webpage of the website to another, so the average time spent by visitors is higher. Not only does this help reduce the website’s bounce rate, but it also indicates to search engines that users find it easy to access information on your website, and that your website is user-friendly.

Increasing the average time spent by users on your site helps them become more familiar with your brand and develop trust. This is necessary to support their buying decision. Such CTAs usually offer additional information related to their search queries and details they are likely to be interested in. Examples include ‘Read more’, ‘Learn more’, ‘Product details’ and ‘Related Blog Posts’.

2. CTAs for lead generation:

In online marketing, lead generation CTAs are a necessary part of a business’s sales funnel. They are designed to match the consumers’ buying journey and are strategically placed to positively impact their buying decision. Digital marketers heavily rely on CTAs to move a cold prospect into their sales funnel and slowly push them towards a profitable conversion. With the help of lead generation CTAs, a business can create many opportunities to continue communication with a prospect. This usually involves offering free consultations, webinars and eBooks. Some of the common CTAs for lead generation are ‘Schedule a call’, ‘Download eBook’, ‘Register for Webinar’ and ‘Book a free consultation’.

3. CTAs to encourage social sharing and engagement:

One of the simplest ways to improve social sharing, engagement and brand interaction is by introducing social sharing CTAs on your website. These can be added to the footer, and also with any piece of information which you think your target audience would be interested in. These CTAs generally encourage social sharing of blogposts, images, gifs, videos and infographics. Here is an example.

Website CTAs to encourage social sharing and engagement

4. CTAs that help build customer relationship:

This type of CTA is designed to prompt website visitors to interact with your business. It’s a technique used to initiate the process of building and nurturing customer relationships. This is done by asking website users to share their feedback and suggestions on how to improve the quality of services and products provided. The users are also encouraged to ask questions and submit their queries and concerns. A simple yet effective strategy, these CTAs create an opening for interaction, which businesses can take advantage of for effective customer relationship management. Website designers add CTAs such as ‘Share your feedback’ and ‘Submit your query’ at appropriate locations on the website to encourage customer interactions.

5. CTAs for low dollar purchase:

Conversions are easier to achieve if the risks are reduced for potential customers. The idea behind low-dollar purchase CTAs is to make website visitors feel comfortable making online transactions on your website by removing risks associated with them. For example, a potential customer will be way more comfortable buying a $5 product on your website rather than a product that costs $500. By reducing financial risks, you are encouraging website visitors to become paying customers.

Learn more about what other website design features help increase conversion rate

The objective here is to let them get used to making online purchases from your website by minimizing their initial hesitance and then building trust and credibility. These CTAs can come in the form of ‘Discount coupons’, ‘Special Offers’ and special discounts for 1st time buyers. A well-designed website that creates a sense of trust and follows strict safety protocols also plays a big part in the success of low-dollar purchase CTAs.

An experienced website design and development team along with a skilled digital marketing team will work together to identify the best CTA placements and types to generate optimum results for their clients.

If you are a business in the Caribbean in need of professional assistance to improve your website performance, contact the website design team at WebFX. With the experience of working with several clients in various Caribbean countries like Trinidad, Antigua, Barbados, St. Lucia and Grenada, WebFX website team is not only outstanding at what they do, but they also understand the specific needs of businesses in the Caribbean.

The best CTA strategy is to combine appropriate CTA placements with enticing offers which provide true value to your website visitors. It must meet its objective and aim at presenting a win-win situation for your business as well as the consumers.

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13 Oct 2020

Benefits of implementing Local SEO to leverage Digital Marketing

Google’s algorithm has gone through many stages of evolution in an attempt to upgrade user experience. One of these upgrades focused on being able to generate location specific results for users’ search queries. This turned out to be a game changer for businesses as well as consumers online. Location filter tremendously improved the quality of search results, while at the same time provided businesses with local SEO methodologies to implement location specific targeting.

Local SEO is required to increase search engine rankings in the geographic region you want to target. If your business is selling smartphones in Trinidad, your digital marketing goal would be to reach potential customers looking for smartphones in the region ‘Trinidad’. Your website will not benefit by reaching consumers looking for smartphones in Bahamas. Focusing your marketing efforts around your location not only improves search rankings, but also boosts sales by bringing in relevant traffic to the business website.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of adding local SEO to digital marketing strategies.

using Local SEO to increase search engine rankings in the targeted location

1. Narrowed geographic competition – When marketing focus narrows down geographic reach from global to local, it also pulls the business out of a highly competitive global scale to a smaller local scale. So, instead of competing with thousands of businesses across the globe online, your marketing resources will shift the focus on getting ahead of fewer local companies in your niche. This is a relatively easier task to accomplish by applying local SEO strategies like local listings, local keyword targeting, and creating and optimizing Google My Business account.

2. Increased visibility to geo-targeted audience – Google shows different results to viewers from different locations. By narrowing geographic competition, businesses can achieve better placements in Search Engine Result Page (SERP) for its targeted region. As the SERP rankings improve, more and more people in your region are able to find your business online through search engines. This increase in visibility to geo-targeted audience connects your business website to relevant traffic which ultimately increases online sales and conversions.

3. Leverage physical address and contact info to gain trust – Google performs searches through multiple local listing sites to cross-reference a business’s NAP details. NAP stands for Name, Address, and Phone number. Having your NAP details consistent across all local listing platforms lets Google know that your business is legit and hence can be trusted. Additionally, consumers in your region of focus will find it easier to trust your business if they can access details of your physical address with working phone number.

Using local SEO to gain online authority

4. Target buyer intention keywords – All search queries fall under a particular stage in the consumer buying cycle. While some keywords are searched for research purpose, others are searched with a buying intention. Local SEO helps business websites rank for buyer intent keywords that generate sales. For instance, someone searching for ‘Prescription Contact Lenses in Trinidad’ has a much higher buying intent as compared to someone looking for ‘Prescription Contact lenses’. Learn more about targeting the right keywords for your business.

5. Increase click through rate – Combining all the points above shows the potential local SEO has to put a business website in front of the right people. This together with geo-specific meta description and title tags will significantly increase website click through rate and bring in filtered and relevant traffic to the business website.

If you business in the Caribbean needs professional assistance with local SEO and digital marketing solutions, contact our experts at WebFX.

Local SEO when implemented effectively can create a profitable source of local and organic business through search engines. It is an excellent technique to set up and strengthen a legit business profile online that is trusted by both search engines and target audience.

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06 Oct 2020

Online Advertising platforms other than Facebook & Google

Facebook and Google dominate the online advertising landscape. They are the most popular forms of advertising preferred by businesses across all niches. Easy setup, measurable performance tracking and instant results add to their popularity, making them the most trusted paid marketing platforms by businesses as well as digital marketing professionals.

However, for businesses interested in exploring paid marketing options beyond Facebook and Google Ads, here are three more advertising platforms you can consider.

Three online advertising options other than Facebook & Google Ads

1. LinkedIn – Although LinkedIn does not have a massive audience pool when compared with Facebook and Google, it’s a lucrative place to generate high quality B2B leads. LinkedIn is a space where professionals hangout. Therefore, your Ads on LinkedIn are more likely get the right set of professional audience and prospects with the right professional mindset. Being a business specific platform, LinkedIn Ads do not run the risk of appearing intrusive with the target audience, as is sometimes the case with Facebook Ads. LinkedIn Ads are a powerful marketing tool for B2B companies, B2C companies, universities, and even non-profits.

choosing LinkedIn Ads for digital marketing

2. Twitter Ads – When it comes to targeting options, Twitter is quite similar to Facebook. However, it does have some additional features which digital marketers find hard to ignore. One of the biggest benefits of running a Twitter ad is the ‘Pay Per Performance’ feature. This means, you will have to pay only when your ad’s objective is met. For example, if your ad objective is website visit, you will pay only when a website visit takes place through the ad. Twitter will not bill you for impressions or any other form of user engagement. The nature of content posted on Twitter makes it an excellent place to run ads to cold audience.

3. Dedicated Email Drops – This form of digital advertising involves partnering with a publisher who has a huge loyal following of email subscribers in your industry niche. The publisher will then email-blast ads on your behalf. This is a quick way of reaching a large set of audience using your publishing partner’s borrowed authority. Dedicated email drops, also known as dedicated e-blast make for a great adverting option for niches that are not allowed to publish ads on Facebook and Google. For example, surveillance equipment cannot be promoted on Facebook’s advertising platform. In such scenario, alternative advertising methods like dedicated email drops provide advertisers a way to reach digital audience.

choosing Dedicated Email Drops for digital advertising

Exploring new marketing channels and avenues that have the potential to expand business reach and boost sales must be an on-going aspect of digital marketing strategies. Such a practice will allow businesses to search, discover, and master new opportunities across multiple digital platforms.

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23 Sep 2020

Four simple steps to begin Social Media for your Business

Social media marketing requires planned, well-thought-out series of actions that go hand in hand with both online and offline marketing efforts. The content created for social media marketing will decide its popularity as well as success. With the existence of multiple social media platforms each with their own set of features, and the increasing pressure to outperform your competitors, businesses often feel overwhelmed and are unsure of where to get started.

If you are new to social media marketing, or if your social media efforts are scattered and lack focus, use the following steps to gain insight into what you need to do and how you can structure a productive social media plan moving forward.

1. Define your goals:

The primary focus of social media will be on building an online presence for your business. Social media uses posts to interact with target audience. For every post plan, you need to first define your goal. Is it to increase likes & shares? Is it to increase website traffic? Do you want audience participation? Defining your goal will help you define your post’s framework.

For example, if you are interested in audience participation through social media, your post will take the shape of an online poll or contest.

defining business's Social media goals

Social media management will also include social media listening, and responding to audience feedback, queries and comments, with the intention of strengthening your online reputation as well as customer relationship.

2. Define your target audience:

The content for your social media posts is designed to attract and engage your target audience. This will be impossible to do if you do not know your target audience. Some businesses have multiple sets of target audience for multiple product types. Knowing who these people are is crucial to the success of your social media activities.

What age group(s) do they fall under, what are theirs interests, theirs likes & dislikes, the problems they come across, and the things they relate to. Research and find answers to these and similar questions about your target market. Researching your target audience and efficiently categorizing them will help you create content which is specifically designed to get their attention.

3. Choose the right social media platforms:

It’s not necessary to be on all social media platforms. At least not when you are just getting started. Once you have successfully completed step 2 above and have a clear understanding of your target audience, find out where they hang out. Choose 2 or 3 platforms and just focus on them.

4. Test, track, and test again. Don’t give up!

Don’t expect 100s of likes and shares from day one. Just like any other form of marketing, social media too requires continuous effort. Create a weekly/monthly content calendar to plan your posts in advance. Closely track and analyse results so you can re-structure your strategies to keep getting better along the way.

Social media for creating brand identity and business reputation

Social media is a valuable tool when it comes to creating a brand identity and reputation for your business online. Remember to stay consistent with your posts. Identify which posts create maximum engagement and see if you can create similar content to increase engagement. Discard or tweak the ones that are not performing. Boost posts which are performing well to expand reach and increase followers. Continue testing what works and what needs to change.

If you are a business struggling with social media marketing, or require professional assistance with advanced social media strategies, contact the experts at WebFX digital solutions company.

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01 Sep 2020

Top content types for Digital Marketing

Successful marketing depends on high quality content. Digital marketing uses a wide array of digital content types to create and execute potent sales and marketing strategies across various platforms. With a variety of content options at our disposal, digital marketing experts can choose the most suitable one based on a business’s online personality, and the structure of a marketing campaign.

Let’s take a look at top digital content types for high performance digital marketing solutions.

1. Blogs – Blogging has many benefits. Its flexibility allows digital marketers to use it in various marketing campaign categories, making blogs one of the most popular digital content type.

Blogging is implemented in online marketing strategies to:

  • Improve SEO rankings
  • Establish a brand as an industry expert
  • Generate organic traffic to business website
  • Increase newsletter signups for email marketing campaigns
  • Social media post content
  • Enhance internal linking

2. Checklists – A Checklist is an easy-to-consume digital content organized as a list. The list created aims at providing high value to the users and are usually in the form of step-by-step actions that help achieve a desired outcome. Another popular use of a checklist is providing cheat sheets to users so they can find shortcuts to achieving more with less effort. Checklists are user-friendly, engaging, and offer real value to users. They can be shared as social media posts, opt-in offers, and as blog post content.

checklist digital content for digital marketing

3. Memes & Gifs – Memes and Gifs are best suited for digital marketing campaigns that intend to keep the campaign message light and fun. They can also be placed within a blog post or email marketing message to break the monotony, and keep the content engaging and attractive. They are the most shared content types on the internet.

Memes and gifs can help businesses:

  • Bring user’s attention to a topic
  • Show the fun side of the brand
  • Increase user activity on social media

You can either create your own memes and gifs or pick an existing popular piece that best fits your objective, campaign message, and topic of focus.

4. Infographics – An Infographic (or information graphic) is a visual content type that offers valuable information using attractive graphics. It is used to provide data using images, charts and minimal text. This type of digital content is an effective and creative way of educating your target audience. Infographics can convert any complex information into their simpler, bite size visual representations, that are easy-to-consume and memorize.

The goal of infographics is to quickly and easily communicate information and data to the target audience using visually distinct and attractive images. Therefore, your infographics must:

  1. Be visually striking and creative so it immediately gets attention
  2. Give information in a way which is easy-to-understand and remember

5. Videos – Videos have become the staple of digital marketing campaigns across all industry types. From ‘How To’ videos to interviews and product reviews, video content can cover a wide range of topics, and stages of user buying cycle. Videos are also one of the best digital content forms for personal branding. Read more about it here – Why Videos Are The Best Digital Content For Personal Branding

Using video digital content for personal branding

Just like blogs, video content too can help establish your brand as a credible source of information and data around your niche industry, thereby setting your brand up as a trusted authority. This strategy is a powerful way of enhancing brand trust and awareness.

Even if marketing mediums change, marketers will always require compelling content to reach and engage with target audience. Knowing and understanding the different types of digital content available will help you decide which ones are most beneficial and profitable for your business.

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28 Jul 2020

Five website design features to increase conversion rate

Website conversion rate indicates your website’s performance. Setting up a website that attracts targeted audience is the first step toward generating organic business leads through search engines like Google and Bing. The next crucial step is to ensure your website maintains a good conversion rate.

A conversion takes place when a website visitor takes a desired action after landing on your website. This action can be filling up an opt-in form, submitting a call back request, purchasing a product on the website, and so on. The average website conversion rate is about 2%. However, many well strategized websites enjoy a conversion rate of 5% and higher.

Improving website conversion rate involves seeing your website the way your visitors do, and making changes that will lead them toward taking a desired action on the website. You can start by removing any unnecessary distractions from the website that makes navigation tedious. User-friendly look, layout, and navigation are the key when performing any website design and development tasks.

 website design and development for high performance

Apart from creating a clean website, here are five website features that support better conversion rate:

1. A strong CTA (call to action) – A ‘call to action’ or a CTA is a phrase placed on the website which tells visitors exactly what action they need to take. A CTA can be as simple as ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Book Now‘. However, designing a better converting website requires stronger CTAs that can convince website visitors to act. A clear and accurate description of the action the visitor is required to take has a much higher click through rate as compared to a vague and generic one.

Example of a strong CTA – ‘Yes, I want to schedule a call’

2. Live Chat – Adding a Live Chat software to your website enables website visitors to quickly have their queries addressed. This excellent website feature speeds up the process of moving a potential client forward in their buying cycle. If a company is unable to have a dedicated customer support team to answer to live chat queries, then the next best option is automated chat software. This option allows automating answers to frequently asked questions.

If a visitor query falls outside of the pre-saved Q&As, they are given an alternative to leave their email ids along with their queries so someone from the support team can get in touch with them. Not only does this bring in good quality leads but it also helps expand a business’s Q&A database.

3. Reviews & Testimonials – Positive testimonials and reviews makes a business website more trustworthy. Hearing about good experiences from other customers positively impacts a potential client’s decision-making process. Website visitors heavily depend on reviews and testimonials to decide whether they can trust a new product or service. Adding plenty of good testimonials and reviews on your website will put the website visitor’s mind at ease. Reviews and testimonials are powerful tools that have the potential to convert leads into buying customers.

add Reviews and testimonials on the website for better conversion

4. Simplify Contact/Query form – Having fewer fields in contact or query forms improves the chances of website visitors filling and submitting them. It’s best to include no more than 3-4 fields. What fields need to be mandatory will depend on the purpose of the form. If a form is created to address customer queries, an email as a mandatory field should suffice. However, if a contact form submission requires your customer support team to call back the person who submits the form, phone number needs to be the mandatory field.

5. Exit popup – An exit popup appears when a website visitor is about to leave a website without taking any action. An exit popup is triggered when the website visitor moves his or her mouse curser toward the ‘x’ button to bounce out of the website. The content of the exit popup is constructed to avoid losing any valuable leads from the website.

Example 1 – If a website sells products online, its exit popup can ask visitors to submit their email id and receive 25% discount on their next purchase.

Example 2 – If a website offers financial consultation, its exit popup can ask visitors to share their email id or phone number to book a 30 minutes free consultation.

Exit popups can save businesses from losing good quality leads as well as reduce bounce rate.

When high quality website visitors land on a website that has CRO features strategically placed, the website conversion rate can see tremendous upgrade. How you decide to place these features in the sales and marketing funnel of your digital marketing strategy development will depend on what products and services you offer. Implementing these simple yet effective website design and development tools can greatly improve a website’s conversion rate.

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02 Jun 2020

Why Businesses Need Digital Marketing Professionals

In the recent years, the marketing paradigm has witnessed a massive shift. Our lifestyles have received an upgrade with advancing technology. Almost all aspects of our lives have gone digital. This shift has exponentially increased the potential for business growth using digital marketing methods.

There are many factors responsible for pulling businesses out of the traditional marketing mindset and convincing business owners to adopt the digital route. The need for businesses to go online and choose digital marketing strategies was a result of the following changes:

  • Rise of smartphones
  • Better internet connectivity
  • Switch in customer behaviour from traditional to digital
  • Convenient and easy accessibility provided by digital platforms
  • Potential to reach customers from around the world
  • Cost effectiveness of digital marketing as compared to traditional marketing methods
  • Flexibility offered by digital marketing methods to accommodate any business niche

businesses need digital marketing strategies

Why Businesses Need Digital Marketing Professionals?

Businesses big and small are equally interested in implementing digital marketing strategies to move toward exceptional growth. Having a professional with the know-hows of the industry take charge of the digital marketing structure of a business is a must. Find out why businesses needs digital marketing professional:

1. Finding the Right Online Audience – The success of online marketing and advertising largely depends on getting the targeting right. Digital marketing professionals have the accurate knowledge of different types of audience that hang out on different types of online platforms. For example, according to statistics, there are more women on Pinterest than men. Such information can make a huge impact on how a digital marketing campaign is strategized. Digital marketing professionals are also equipped with information on how to laser target a select group of audience based on what product/service is being promoted. From a business perspective, such as expertise is tremendous.

2. Stay Ahead of Competitors – Businesses of all types want to hire the best digital talent to lead their digital marketing campaigns. Digital marketing professionals have the required skillset, training and knowledge in the digital space to lead successful campaigns that can generate high ROI. Having the expertise of a digital marketing professional on your side will make sure the business is not lagging behind your competitors and is always ahead of the curve.

digital marketing campaigns to stay ahead of competitors

3. Keep Up with Digital Marketing Evolution – The digital landscape is always changing. As technology advances, new digital trends, tools, and techniques will keep popping up. It could get tedious for a business to keep track of these changes and find the best possible way of implementing them. Being a digital marketing professional also means continually learning new information, acquiring new skills and staying up-to-date with changing digital scenario. With their updated knowledge and experience in digital marketing field, digital marketing professionals can make the right adjustments to existing campaigns for best results.

The swift development in digital marketing scenario has presented businesses with big opportunities to grow and expand their reach. Digital marketing professionals have become an indispensable asset. With all the benefits digital marketing has to offer, the best move a business can make in today’s digital era is to bring aboard talented digital marketing professionals and take advantage of their skills and experience.

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27 Feb 2020

Does Your Business Website Need A Re-Design?

Your business website is perhaps one of the most important components of your digital marketing structure. It represents your company’s brand identity online, and connects you to thousands of potential buyers in the digital space. It’s an online property where your business products, services and business persona are up on display 24/7.

Being a crucial part of your digital marketing plan, a business website needs to be up to date and up to the mark. If your website was built quite a while back, chances are, it’s outdated and unable to keep up with changing technology and customer navigation behaviour. In short, you are losing valuable customers every day.

A well designed and well maintained website incorporated with current website design and development technology, lets users know that your business is trustworthy. If you haven’t already, here are 5 reasons why you need to consider website re-design for your business.

A well designed and well maintained website incorporated with current website design and development technology, lets users know that your business is trustworthy. If you haven’t already, here are 5 reasons why you need to consider website re-design for your business.

Five Reasons to Consider Website Re-design:

1. Website Supports Outdated Look and Layout:

It’s impossible for a dull website with outdated layout to compete against interesting options that come with latest design trends. Design trends that are created to grab attention and engage with website visitors. With an excess of impeccably designed websites with attractive features like hand-made illustrations and responsive logos, visitors will click out of an aesthetically unexciting site, without the slightest consideration.

Users take about 50 milliseconds to form an opinion about your website and decide whether they’ll stay or leave (source: sweor.com). If your website is still stuck with a dated look, it’s time to give it a facelift.

update your website regularly

2. Website Is Not User-Friendly:

Users reach your website looking for information. And, the design and navigation structure of your website must support this need. Anything that hinders this must be fixed on your website. There are many factors that affect user experience. Fast site load speed, easy access navigation bar, and breadcrumbs for a large site with multi-layered url structure, all these factors ultimately lead to an excellent user experience.

Simplicity is the key here. The easier it is for your visitors to find what they are looking for, the longer they will stay on your website.

3. Website Is Not Responsive:

There are many ways users can access your website. Internet connectivity is not restricted to desktops and laptops anymore. They have become portable with the advent of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Website design and structure needs to adapt to this, and adopt a responsive design and layout which supports all device types.

Get mobile friendly website for your business

57% of internet users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website on mobile (source: sweor.com). A responsive website automatically modifies itself to fit perfectly with the device type its being called from. This ensures a clean and user-friendly website design, no matter what device is used to access it.

4. Website Does Not Reflect Brand Identity:

Take a good look at your website. Does it include all visible elements of your brand’s identity? Does it create a clear image of your brand in your customers’ minds? These visible elements like logo, design and colour scheme help create distinct brand persona and send out the right message to the right audience.

Brand identity is necessary for creating a positive and dependable image for your brand that can support consistent flow of sales and conversion.

5. Website Is Missing Digital Marketing Components:

A website is one of the most important integrant of your digital marketing strategy. But it can only participate in a digital marketing plan if it has all the necessary components in place. Starting from high quality content to social buttons, opt-in page and email subscription option, adding these tools to your business website is necessary for the success of a comprehensive digital marketing plan.

Website design trends will continue evolving as technology keeps pushing for better solutions and enhanced customer experience. Keep your business website fresh and take advantage of these new trends and technology for optimum user experience and successful digital marketing campaigns.

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