08 Sep 2021

Understanding the importance of design for web landing pages

According to a report by Hubspot based on information from 7000 businesses, increasing the number of landing pages on a website from 10 to 15 can lead to a 55% increase in conversions [1]. When it comes to landing pages, the general consensus seems to be the more the better. But the true test of an effective landing page is its conversion. Conversion rates are influenced greatly by design, layout and load time. In this article we take a closer look at landing pages and the role web design plays in making them effective. Let’s start at the beginning:

What are web landing pages?

As per their strictest definition, landing pages are pages that act as the entry point to a website. However, this is not a full or effective description. A landing page is first and foremost a marketing tool. It is used to generate leads and increase traffic to a business’s website. These pages can be entirely self-contained or be designed to lead users to other pages and sections of a website.

What is a web landing page

A visitor may reach a landing page by clicking on:

  1. A result from a search engine
  2. A link in a marketing email
  3. An online advertisement
  4. A link in some other type of marketing material

Landing pages are referred to by different names based on the intent for which they were created:

  • Lead capture page: Typically include a form and are meant to generate leads. A visitor need not go to any other page on the website.
  • Single property page: Is designed to be completely self-contained. They are generally used for custom or limited period offers. They are not heavily connected to the main website and may even have their own distinct look and feel.
  • Squeeze page: Similar to a lead capture page, these pages have a form. Usually, they direct (squeeze) the visitor to the next stage of the sales funnel.
  • Destination page: Generally, part of a larger campaign or a set of email responders, destination pages are the final page users reach after several other touch points with your organization. For example, they may receive an email, click and land on a lead capture page and after filling a form are redirected to a destination page. This is the end of their customer journey.

Importance of design for landing pages

As an experienced web development agency in the Caribbean, we at WebFX understand the importance of design for landing pages. As mentioned above, the design, layout and load speed of a landing page has a direct impact on its conversion rate. Conversion rates for landing pages can range between 10 and 26% of website visitors. A higher rate of conversion is achieved by pages that are well designed and load within 0 to 2 seconds. Ensuring a quick load time is another reason you should hire a reputed website development company in Trinidad.

Best design practices for landing pages in 2021

1. One page per audience type

Good design isn’t just about colours and fonts. It’s mainly about user experience. This is why it’s important to put in time to create distinct buckets for your audience. Create one landing page per bucket so that you can customize the content, offer, messaging and layout to best appeal to that audience. As mentioned above, the more landing pages you have the more leads you can expect.

2. The user journey begins before they land on the page

Your customer’s journey does not begin after they land on your landing page, it starts from their point of entry, i.e., did they see an online ad, a link in an email, or a search result? You should make sure that your landing pages match their entry point. For example, ensure the messaging of the online ads matches the messaging of the landing page they are linked to.

3. Minimize CTAs

Too much of a good thing can be bad. This is true for CTAs. Giving visitors too many options on what action they can take on a landing page can negatively impact conversion rate. Give visitors a focused action to take. Keep your CTA options limited to two or maximum three per page.

Are you are interested in creating and optimizing the landing pages for your website? Contact WebFX. We provide professional website design and development services to businesses in the Caribbean and South American countries like Trinidad, Antigua, Guyana and St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Barbados, St. Lucia and Grenada. Quality landing pages can help increase your marketing ROI. Invest correctly so that you can optimize your sales funnel and maximize ROMI.


  1. 2021, P. Vaughan, “Why You (Yes, You) Need to Create More Landing Pages”, Hubspot, [available online], available from: https://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/33756/why-you-yes-you-need-to-create-more-landing-pages.aspx [accessed Aug 2021]
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28 Aug 2021

3 Tools for mobile app UX design

Mobile app design matters. The user experience (UX) of a mobile application is just as important to its success as its functionality and content. Every $1 invested in UX leads to a return of $100, that’s an ROI of 9,900% [1]. In Trinidad and Tobago, 46% of web traffic in June 2021 came from mobile devices [2]. As mobile devices become commonplace, and people get comfortable interacting with businesses via apps, the importance of professional mobile app design and development cannot be ignored.

To get the UX of an application right, designers will sketch out their ideas, create wireframes and build prototypes. There are many different tools available that mobile app designers in Trinidad can use to bring their app designs to life and support user experience optimization.

What to consider when selecting a UX design tool

There are a lot of choices when it comes to selecting a UX design tool. Certain things that you should think about when making a decision are:

a. Usability: Is the tool easy to use? Will you need to invest a lot of time learning how to use the tool, or is it intuitive?

b. Collaboration: Does the tool make it easy to share work with different people. It is easy to work on a project with others?

c. Integration: Once the UX is finalized you will need to move on to UI design and eventually development. How well does the UX design tool integrate with tools used for these future phases? Can the same tool be used for UI design as well?

Taking the above factors into consideration will make it easier for you to choose a UX design tool that solves problems for you. For design ideas, here are a few examples to inspire your mobile app design.

Things to consider when selecting a Mobile application UX design tool

Let’s take a look at some of the popular UX design tools in 2021:

1. Adobe XD

Adobe is a powerhouse when it comes to design tools for creators. It is the trusted company that makes Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier Pro and many other tools that are industry standard. Adobe XD is their tool meant for UX design. Since it’s made by Adobe, it has excellent integration with other Adobe software. The tool allows designers to animate small transitions for the elements they create. This allows them to create functional low fidelity prototypes.

Designers can share their work fairly easily, however, a limitation with the tool is that currently, it does not allow for simultaneous collaboration. This means that two people cannot collaborate on the same design at the same time.

Pricing: XD’s paid plans start at $9.99 per month, per user. The tool also has a very useful free plan. Therefore, if budget is a concern, Adobe XD would be a good choice.

2. Figma

If collaboration is a priority for you, Figma would be a better option. Figma is a collaborative prototyping tool. It has a very user-friendly interface. Designers are able to quickly learn how to use its many features. It can be used to create high fidelity prototypes. The tool supports animations and even allows for insertion of code.

Pricing: Figma costs $12 per user, per month

Mobile app design in Trinidad

3. Sketch

Sketch was the pioneer when it came to element based UX design. It is an extremely popular tool among designers and has a significant market share. One of Sketch’s biggest strengths is its clean and easy to use interface. It can be used for both UX and UI design to create visually impactful mock ups. However, a big limitation with Sketch is that it only works with MacOS.

Figma and Adobe XD work with both MacOS and Windows. Hence, Sketch scores low on collaboration.

Pricing: Sketch has plans starting at $99 per year

These are the three most commonly used UX design tools in 2021 for mobile app design.

UX is a specialized field. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that you work with a professional agency to ensure your mobile app is designed to support excellent user experience and interaction. If you are looking for a professional mobile app design and development company in Trinidad, contact WebFX. We create products that are carefully designed from inception to execution.


1. Feb. 2021, A. Bufe, “20+ Powerful UX Statistics To Impress Stakeholders”, Bluespace, [available online], available from: https://uxcam.com/blog/ux-statistics/

2. Jul. 2021, “Share of web traffic in Trinidad and Tobago in June 2021, by device”, Statista, [available online], available from: https://www.statista.com/statistics/934678/trinidad-tobago-web-traffic-share-device/

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09 Aug 2021

Digital marketing news August 2021

In this post we are sharing the latest updates in digital marketing and online advertising so businesses in the Caribbean can plan and strategize their marketing activities to benefit from the changing trends. Find out what’s new in Digital Marketing with WebFX Digital Marketing News segment for August 2021.

1. Google explains its search results

In February 2021, Google introduced the ‘about this search result’ panel. The goal of this panel was to give users more information about why Google chose to rank a particular website for their search query. Last month Google announced via its blog that it will further expand the information that it will share about its search results [1]. This is great news for SEO professionals and digital marketers as the information on search results provided by Google will play an essential role in digital marketing strategy and content development.

What will this look like?

In their blog post, Google shared the image below to explain how this new information will be displayed. Users will be able access the ‘about this search result’ panel by clicking on the three dots next to a search result.

New Google about this search result panel

What information will Google display?

Google did not specify all of the information that will be shown, however, from the image shared, we can confirm that digital marketing strategists will be able to see:

  • Search terms found on the page: Google will share information about which terms from the user’s query were found in the content or HTML code of the website that has been ranked. This will give marketers clues on how they can improve the content on their own pages to improve rankings.
  • Related search terms: When displaying search results Google does not only look for terms that match the user’s query exactly. In the example above, the search term was ‘how to cook’ but Google also looked for related terms like ‘recipe’, and ‘ingredients’. This information helps provide more context for how Google understands content and relation between different search terms.
  • Websites that link to the search result: Backlinks continue to play an important role in how Google ranks websites. In the ‘about this search result’ panel, Google will provide information about other websites that include the user’s search term and are linking back to the result.
  • Images are important: Digital marketers now have concrete information that images and media are important for high rankings. Google will mention if the result they have ranked has images related to the user’s search query.
  • Language: Currently this feature is only available for the English language. However, as you can see in the image above, Google does mention – ‘this result is in [English]’ in the ‘about this search result’ panel. This indicates that language is a factor in rankings. If for example a user searches in Spanish, Google is more likely to show results in Spanish. This is a useful information for digital marketing strategists that are optimizing websites in multiple languages and want to rank for queries in multiple languages.
  • Geographic information: For some search queries, location is relevant. For example, if a user will search ‘restaurants open till late’, Google will understand that the user is searching for a restaurant close to his/her location and will display local results based on the user’s current location. Hence, the location associated with a website and the location of the searcher can factor into search result rankings.

2. Tech giants navigate Apple’s privacy update

When Apple announced that it would be updating its privacy policy, tech giants like Facebook and Google were concerned about the impact on digital ad spend. After the update, iPhone users would have more control over what data apps are able to track. Users could also block apps from tracking their online behaviour. Ads are a major source of revenue for companies like Facebook and Google. Ads on these platforms rely heavily on user data. Hence, there was a lot of concern that Apple’s update would have a negative impact on these companies’ profits and stocks.

Facebook and Google navigate Apple’s privacy update

However, it seems digital marketers have managed to navigate the update fairly well. According to the latest earnings reports from Facebook and Snap, there has been a surge in digital ad spend. In fact, Facebook reported record setting revenue for the second quarter of 2021. In a recent earnings call, Facebook revealed that the company took in $28 billion in ad revenue in the latest quarter [2]. Marketers have started to build new tools and strategies to target relevant audiences in the absence of the data they used to rely on.

Read more on digital marketing news and what’s new in the digital marketing world

To help your business skilfully manoeuvre through the changing digital advertising scenario, get in touch with the experts at WebFX, a leading provider of digital marketing services in Trinidad and Tobago and other Caribbean and South American countries including Antigua and St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Barbados, St. Lucia, Grenada, Guyana. Our team of expert digital marketing consultants stay up to date with the latest developments in online marketing. Contact us if you are looking for web development or online marketing services in the Caribbean.


1. Jul 21, E. Tucker,  “Learn More and Get More from Search”, Google, [available online] available from: https://blog.google/products/search/learn-more-and-get-more-from-search/ [accessed Aug 21]

2. Jul 21, T. Hardwick, “Facebook Reports Record Ad Revenue for Q2 2021, Despite Apple’s iOS Privacy Changes”, Mac Rumors, [available online], available from: https://www.macrumors.com/2021/07/29/facebook-record-ad-revenue-ios-privacy/ [accessed Aug 21]

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13 Jul 2021

4 Examples to inspire your mobile app design

The global mobile app market size is projected to reach $407 billion by 2026 [1]. When creating a digital marketing strategy many businesses overlook the potential of mobile apps. An app can act as a platform for potential customers to interact with your business. If your clients have a dedicated application for your business installed on their mobile devices, they are more likely to become recurring customers.

Mobile applications also help build stronger brand recall and loyalty. When selecting a digital marketing company in Trinidad you should look for one that also provides mobile app design and development services. This will allow you to capitalize on the rapidly growing mobile app space as part of your overall marketing strategy. Read more on mobile app strategies to grow a business.

When it comes to business mobile applications, design matters. Recent research by Forrester suggests that a well-designed UX (user experience) can increase conversion rates by up to 400% [2]

What is UX design?

UX stands for user experience. User experience is a term used to describe how a user interacts and experiences an app. UX design is the process that designers use to provide meaningful and quality experiences to users. It takes into consideration what happens before, during, and after a user interaction. Good UX makes it easy for app users to understand how to use a product. UX design is not limited to mobile apps but can be used for any product or service where there is interaction with the client. 

Below are four examples of well-designed business mobile applications for inspiration:

1. Trello

Trello is example of mobile app that is easy to operate

Trello is a collaboration tool that can be used to keep track of projects and tasks. It provides users with a bird’s-eye view of what is being worked on in an organization and what the current status of certain tasks is. The Trello mobile app is an excellent example of easy navigation. It is easy for users to navigate the app, create new boards, move boards around and keep track of their projects. The app allows users to drag and drop Trello cars. The app makes it possible for people to manage their tasks on the go without the need to open a desktop or laptop.

  • Design a mobile app that is not only easy to operate but also offers unmatched convenience to users.

2. Coursera

Mobile app design must offer information in easy to consume format

Coursera is an app that allows users to sign up for courses on a variety of topics. It covers a wide variety of topics. The app is well-designed and presents a lot of information in an organized manner, without overwhelming users. The use of card layouts is effective and allows for easy navigation.

  • Design a mobile app that provides information in an easy to consume format.

3.  Kitchen Stories

Design a mobile app with simple sharing options

Kitchen Stories is a cooking app that has a social element. Users can share recipes with the app community. The app is filled with beautiful pictures of food which gives it a premium feel.  There is a very easy-to-follow streamlined uploading process that makes it simple for users to upload pictures of each step of their recipe. Through good UX design, the app has made it easy for people to share content. This encourages engagement and use of the platform.

  • Design a mobile app that effectively powers an online community.
  • Design a mobile app with simple sharing options to encourage user interaction and engagement.

4 Hopper 

Create mobile app that makes finding information easy for users

Hopper is a travel app that helps users find the best flights. The app has a bunny mascot that users can customize for their accounts. Colour coding is used to highlight different price brackets. Based on account information and the flights selected, Hopper gives users hyper-personalized travel tips and deals.

  • Design a mobile app that makes finding relevant information easy and quick for users.

UX comes first in the design process. Once the user flow, journeys and interactions are finalized, mobile app designers can start working on the user interface (UI) of an app. The flow of a good UX design is intuitive. This helps users figure out what they need to do on the app intuitively making app interactions comfortable and helpful.

WebFX is a digital marketing service provider in Trinidad that also excels in mobile application design and development for businesses in the Caribbean and South American countries. Being a digital marketing and adverting company in the Caribbean, we have an in-depth understanding of the digital landscape and customer behaviour pattern in the region. This allows the WebFX mobile app design team to make logical design choices for exceptional UX and UI.

Get in touch with the experts at WebFX for mobile application design and development services for your business.


1. Nov 2019, “Mobile Application Market Statistics – 2026”, Allied Market Research, [available online] available from: https://www.alliedmarketresearch.com/mobile-application-market [accessed Jul 2021]

2.  n.d., M. Phillips, “Know Your User – UX Statistics and Insights”, Toptal, [available online] available from: https://www.toptal.com/designers/ux/ux-statistics-insights-infographic  [accessed Jul 2021]

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05 Jul 2021

6 Golden rules for website layout and design

Studies have shown that users take as little as 50 milliseconds to form an opinion about a website [1]. Websites play a crucial role in the success of a business. If designed well a business website can build credibility, trust and acquire new leads. A poorly designed website can lead to a business losing potential clients. 57% of users say that they will not recommend a business that has a poorly designed mobile website [2]. To ensure that your website is up to scratch and not costing you leads, you should work with a professional website design company in Trinidad.

An experienced website design and development company will know how to create a website that is appropriate for your business, is easy for users to navigate, and can effectively capture leads. In this article, we explore the golden rules of layout and design that all website services companies in Trinidad should follow.

1. White/Negative Space

What’s not on a website’s page is just as important as what is there. White space is the empty space between design elements. Without proper white space, your website can look cluttered and overwhelming. The space between lines of text, margins, padding around images, the separation between different sections, are some of the most important places to have adequate whitespace.

Adding right amount of white space between website elements make the website clutter free and professional

2. Hierarchy

Hierarchy helps users make sense of a design. It groups related elements together visually and helps users understand the flow of the design. All the design elements on your websites should have the correct hierarchy. The easiest way to understand this principle is to think of text. Your most important heading on the page should be the most prominent, the sub-headings should be smaller and the body text the smallest. You can communicate hierarchy by playing with font size, weight, and color. The same is true for other design element like size, colour, and placement which can be used to establish the visual hierarchy of a design.

All design elements on your websites should have the correct hierarchy

3.  Proximity

Closely associated with the principles of negative space and hierarchy is proximity. Placing elements close together can help visually group them. While increasing the whitespace between them can establish separation. In the example below, in figure A, the dots are separated on the basis of colour. In figure B we can see how proximity can help overpower that signal of distinction and help communicate grouping.

Concept of proximity in website design layout

4. Repetition

Repetition is the use of similar elements throughout a design. It helps create a sense of cohesion and unity in the design. Your website should have consistency in style and choice of elements. You can implement repetition through the use of fonts, similar style images and, shapes. Remember that overusing repetition can make the design boring, remember to keep some dynamic elements in your website design. Use repetition to create a rhythm, not a flat pattern. In the example below the circle shape and the colour blue are used to create repetition.

Using repetition in website design to create a sense of cohesion

5. Contrast

Contrast can be used to emphasize what is important on your website. An easy way to understand this principle is to think of Call to Action (CTA) buttons. You want these buttons to stand out so that users are more likely to click on them. Hence, they should be in a contrasting colour to the rest of the website. Colour, size, and space are the attributes of website design that help create an impactful contrast. Thus, through proper and thoughtful implementation of design attributes, an experienced website design company can also help your business generate higher website conversions. Read more about 3 crucial ways your website design company supports your business.

Adding contrast in website design to make certain website elements stand out

6. Alignment

This is an important principle that affects how professional and polished a website looks. All design elements should be properly lined up so that they look intentional. We look at things from left to right and top to bottom. The principle of alignment can make use of this trait to present the website elements in a coherent order so that things don’t look out of place.

Right alignment in website design to create a professional and polished look

A good design has a huge impact on whether or not users will interact with your website. If your website is not helping you acquire customers it might be time to consider bringing in a professional like WebFX. WebFX is a website design and development company in Trinidad with years of experience working with businesses in Trinidad as well as several Caribbean and South American countries. The years of experience in website design and digital marketing allows us to create high-quality websites that are both search engine and user friendly and in alignment with our clients’ business goals.


1. Feb 2021, G. Lindgaard, G. Fernandes, C. Dudek & J. Brown,“Attention web designers: You have 50 milliseconds to make a good first impression!”, Taylor & Francis Online, [available online] available from: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/01449290500330448 [accessed Jun 2021]

2. 2015, B. Ruby, “The 5 Mobile Marketing Mistakes Infographic”, socPub, [available online] available from: https://socpub.com/articles/the-5-mobile-marketing-mistakes-infographic-14849 [accessed Jun 2021]

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21 Jun 2021

Digital marketing news – What’s new in the digital marketing world

The number of Facebook users in Trinidad and Tobago was 981,000 as of May 2021[1]. Google and YouTube remain the most visited websites on the island [2]. 20% of Trinidad and Tobago’s population makes online purchases and/or pays bills online [3]. The statistics clearly indicate a rise in active internet users and the growing importance of digital marketing solutions for businesses in Trinidad and Tobago.

As an active digital advertising agency in Trinidad, we keep up with the ever-changing digital landscape. We’ve rounded up the latest digital marketing news below, so businesses can understand and analyse the upcoming trends and adapt accordingly:

LinkedIn announces new ad types

The number of people using LinkedIn during the pandemic increased slightly. With more users on the site than before, it might be time to talk to your digital marketing company in Trinidad about paid advertising on LinkedIn. LinkedIn announced recently that it will allow businesses to promote organic posts on their page. Similar to Facebook’s ‘boost post’ option. The platform has also introduced Event Ads so that businesses can promote their events. Newly introduced event analytics will give companies better insights into who is attending their event.

LinkedIn announced recently that it will allow businesses to promote organic posts on their page

Broad targeting to reach Apple users

Last month apple updated its privacy policy. iPhone users now have to provide consent to be tracked by various apps. According to experts, so far only 6% of iPhone users have consented to be tracked. This poses a challenge for digital marketing service providers and advertisers. For a long time, marketers have relied on location data to target specific audiences. As privacy laws strengthen around the world, and users become more sensitive to what information they are willing to share, brands need to be adaptive. Instead of relying on precise location data, marketers will need to use broader more approximate targeting. Google has also started distancing itself from 3rd party cookies and will discontinue the use of cookies in the Chrome browser by January 2022. Marketers need to focus more on contextual information and geo-targeting and reduce their reliance on cookies and data.

Snapchat introduces shoppable AR platform

Augmented reality enhances a user’s existing environment. Perhaps the most known AR game to date is Pokémon Go. AR is now being used to sell products. AR technology is being embraced by beauty brands as a digital marketing technique. In May 2021, Snapchat launched its first shoppable AR platform with MAC Cosmetics. The platform allows users to use four different lenses. Through augmented reality, users can see how 20 different MAC products would look like on them. A recent study conducted by Publicis for Snapchat found that the use of AR technology for shopping is increasing. Three in four respondents in the survey predicted that AR will play a greater role in how people shop over the coming years. The study was conducted for users in France, Saudi Arabia, the U.K., and the U.S.

Snapchat introduces shoppable augmented reality platform to enhance online shopping experience

Facebook launches Friday live stream shopping series

Facebook has announced that every Friday, until July 16th, the company will play shoppable live videos from the respective brand’s Facebook page. Brands that will be taking part in the live streams are Clinique, Sephora, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, and Abercrombie & Fitch. Live videos, streaming, and video content has become an essential part of digital marketing. During the pandemic, users were starved for content. Lockdown restrictions meant that in-store shopping was no longer an option. This has led to a change in how users shop for products. An increasing number of platforms are introducing shoppable content. Businesses that sell physical products need to start incorporating videos and similar content that streamlines and enhances the online shopping experience for users.

About WebFX – We are a website services and digital marketing company in Trinidad. We offer social media content curation, responsive website design, SEO, and mobile app development among other digital marketing services for businesses in Trinidad and other Caribbean and South American countries including Antigua, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Barbados, St. Lucia, Grenada and Guyana.

Did you find this post helpful? Here is some more helpful digital marketing information – Best Practices for Social Media Marketing in 2021


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2. n.d., “Top Sites in Trinidad and Tobago”, Alexa, [available online] available from: https://www.alexa.com/topsites/countries/TT [accessed June 2021]

3. May 2020, “E-Commerce in Trinidad and Tobago”, Ministry of Trade and Industry [available online] available from: https://tradeind.gov.tt/e-commerce-in-trinidad-and-tobago/ [accessed June 2021]

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12 Jun 2021

Best Practices for Social Media Marketing in 2021

Facebook was the most visited social media website in Trinidad and Tobago for the year 2020, accounting for over 50% market share. In second place was Pinterest (27%), followed by Facebook-owned Instagram (9%) [1].  Social media and digital marketing are powerful channels for businesses to generate sales, increase online visibility, and find new audiences.

However, the digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving. Users today are more concerned with privacy. Apple introduced its app tracking transparency framework for iOS earlier this year. Google has announced that it will be transitioning away from the use of third-party cookies for its ads and will not replace cookies with any other form of tracking. Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi said in December last year that the government of Trinidad and Tobago plans on strengthening data protection legislation in 2021.

Marketers need to adjust their social media strategies and content development plans to suit the new online marketing landscape. Below are some best practices to follow for social media marketing in 2021:

1. Think about when and how much you are posting

The Covid-19 pandemic made all of us take a breath and re-assess. With more time on their hands, people were not only looking for more content online but also paying closer attention to the content they were seeing. Brands had to take a step back and think about their online perception. Many companies started asking themselves, does my audience want to hear from me right now? Instead of churning out large volumes of content to please social media algorithms, there was a shift to creating value-adding content for audiences. This trend of quality over quantity will continue into 2021 and 2022. Businesses need to be more thoughtful about their social media content development. How often are you posting, what platforms are you posting on, and what ads have you purchased?

For social media marketing content choose quality over quantity

2. Short videos for the win

Tik Tok and Instagram reels saw massive growth in 2020. Short video content is here to stay. Even YouTube has joined the fray with the introduction of YouTube Shorts in March 2018. You can work with a social media content creation company that can create fun short video content on a consistent basis. Once the videos have been created, make sure you share them on all platforms.

3. Be present on more than one platform

It’s important for brands to diversify their presence on social media. Ensure that you are active on at least two or more platforms. This will provide security for your brand’s online presence as you are not completely dependent on a single platform. A multi-platform approach will also increase your chances of engaging with new audiences. Read more on top 4 reasons to choose social media for online advertising.

4. You don’t need high production value

As people worked from home this past year, marketing teams had to get creative with how they create content, particularly videos. Without access to studio equipment and fancy lighting, many marketers were creating content from their homes. Surprisingly, these low production value videos still connected with audiences. People identified with these types of videos more because they could see themselves in them. This more relatable, human approach to content creation is a recommended practice for 2021. Remember, content that adds value will be engaging even if it isn’t highly produced.

Social media content videos don’t need high production value

5. Leverage Instagram’s search friendliness

Instagram has announced that the platform will become more search-friendly. This means that people will be able to find relevant posts, videos, and accounts by typing a keyword in Instagram’s search bar. Earlier it was only possible to find content on Instagram with the use of hashtags. Businesses should take advantage of Instagram’s planned search friendliness. Include relevant keywords in post captions and your profile description. If possible, add the keyword to your Instagram account name. Ensure you follow other accounts from your niche so that Instagram’s algorithm will know what the content being posted from your account is about.

Contact WebFX if you are looking for a digital content provider in Trinidad. WebFX is a digital marketing and social media content creation company based in Trinidad and Tobago. The team has relevant experience and a deep local understanding that helps create successful social media strategies and digital content for businesses in Trinidad.


1. Feb 2021, S. Chevalier, “Jamaica: social media visit share 2020”, Statista, [available online] available from: https://www.statista.com/statistics/1124314/trinidad-tobago-share-visits-social-media-websites/ [accessed May 2021]

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13 May 2021

21 points to check before launching your business website

The launch of a website comes after months of hard work which includes meticulous planning, creative designing, and efficient development. This can be exciting but can also cause some anxiety. Before a website is launched, it should go through multiple testing phases and prechecks to ensure there are no technical snags and compatibility errors that may disrupt the launch, make the site difficult to use, or interfere with the functionality of the website.

Below are 21 points you should check for a hassle-free website launch:

1. Browser compatibility

Before going live, check your website on multiple browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. The look and layout of your website should stay consistent across web browsers. Look for any extreme disparities or layout discrepancies that need to be corrected.

2. URLs

All the URLs of the website must be checked thoroughly immediately after launch to ensure they are functioning properly. Keep the URLs short, clean and SEO-friendly.

3. Images

All the images on your website must load properly without delays. Optimizing image size will ensure better website speed and performance. Additionally, all website images must have descriptive alt tags that explain to search engine crawlers what the image is about.

4. CTA buttons

Check if all the CTA buttons on the website are linked correctly. Learn more about five types of CTAs your business’s website must-have for higher conversions.

5. Forms

A website can have one or multiple forms such as a contact form, an opt-in form, or a sign-up form. Before the launch, fill out the forms and check to see if they are functional. Check if the details submitted via different forms reach their respective destinations. Check if the sender receives an acknowledgment message or email once they are done submitting a form. Keep the forms short and simple to fill out.

6. 404 pages

If a user requests a webpage that does not exist, is your website ready with a custom 404 page to display? A 404 Not Found error page shows up whenever visitors request a page on your website that does not exist. However, instead of showing them a scary 404 page that could potentially drive them away from the website, a cleverly designed custom 404 page will let the visitors know what went wrong and guide them about where to go next. Here is an excellent example of a creative custom 404 page.

website development checklist Custom 404 page example
Photo credit – https://optinmonster.com/best-404-page-examples

7. Site speed

Your website’s load speed should not exceed 3 seconds. A website that loads slowly will hurt your website rankings and can cost you valuable leads. Run your website on a speed test tool to check its current speed. There are many optimization steps such as browser caching and CSS and JavaScript minification to improve website performance.

8. Mobile device check

Run your website on multiple mobile devices and screen sizes to make sure it is 100% responsive. A responsive mobile-friendly website will auto-adjust to seamlessly fit all screen resolutions and deliver a quality user experience irrespective of the device.

9. Security

SSL certificates are a must for all websites. Even if your website does not conduct any monetary transactions, you should get a certificate so that you have an HTTPS site URL. Additionally, make sure to take all security measures to protect your website from hackers and virus attacks. Install and frequently run anti-virus software and make sure the computer used to access the website files is free of malware. Always use a strong password to protect your data and files.

10. Content

Proofread the website content multiple times to check for grammatical errors, typos, and discrepancies in font size and type.

11. Remove Test content

Carefully go through the website to make sure there is no test content and test pages that may go live with the launch.

12. Social media icons

Make sure all social media icons are correctly linked to your business’s social media profiles.

13. Favicon

Favicon helps website visitors locate your website when they have multiple tabs open. It also serves as a branding element for your business. If you forgot to add one before, make sure to add it during the pre-launch check process.

14. Sitemap

A sitemap is the map of the website that helps search engine spiders navigate through it. It outlines the website’s structure displaying various sections of the website and how they are interlinked. A well-structured sitemap allows better indexing and supports search engine optimization.

15. Robots.txt

Don’t forget to add a robots.txt file to your website’s root directory. A robots.txt file tells search engine crawlers which sections of the website they can and cannot request, and is required to avoid page request overload.

16. Google Analytics

Creating a Google Analytics account and setting up the tracking code before launching your website will allow you to track your website’s traffic from the start without losing any valuable data.

17. Google Search console

Create a Google Search Console account for your website and submit your sitemap to ensure website indexing. Google Search Console will also point out any technical errors you may have overlooked.

18. Title and Meta tags

Work with your SEO team to have your website optimized for higher search engine rankings by adding keyword-focused Title and Meta tags in an SEO-friendly format.

19. Schema Markup

Schema markup is a microdata language that makes your website’s search result listing more attractive by pulling out and displaying relevant data from your website. Additional information such as related images, reviews, ratings, event time, etc can be communicated to search engines via the schema markup. This allows them to show this information to visitors through their search results. Here is an example:

schema markup search result example

20. Website code and CSS validation

Run the website code and CSS validation tests to make sure your website’s coding is clean and error-free. Using tools such as W3C Markup Validator is a good way to spot and fix errors and clean up your code.

21. Backup

Always keep your website’s latest backup for emergency scenarios to avoid losing your website data.

Oftentimes, the excitement of the launch and the stress of meeting deadlines take our attention away from small but important details that could, later on, turn into bigger problems. Website testing and prelaunch checks are critical to a successful website launch and must be included in your prelaunch schedule to avoid last-minute chaos and stress.

For professional website design and development services in the Caribbean region, contact the expert team of designers, developers, and content creators at WebFX. Headquartered in Port of Spain, Trinidad, WebFX provides website and digital media solutions across the Caribbean and South American Countries, with clients in Antigua and St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Barbados, St. Lucia, Grenada, Trinidad, and Guyana. Learn more about WebFX website development and digital marketing services.

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06 May 2021

Checklist for hiring a website design and development company if you are not tech-savvy

When hiring a website design and development company, many businesses do not know how to assess their options. Hiring a team that does not have the right skill set and experience can be devastating for your business website and digital marketing efforts. Businesses may find the hiring process challenging due to a lack of technical knowledge in website design and development. Even if you are not tech-savvy, with the help of some fundamental hiring questions you can properly assess website design companies and make an informed choice.

We have put together 9 questions you should ask potential website design and development teams for assessment during the hiring process:

1. Years of experience?

Ask the team about their years of experience in their field of expertise. Companies that have a greater number of years of experience with design and development websites typically have more knowledge and development skillsets. This does not mean that a company with less experience will not be able to do a good job. However, more experience is usually a reliable indicator of a team’s capability. Look for work experience spread across multiple niches when assessing teams.

2. Work portfolio?

By going through a company’s past work, one can discern whether or not the prospective website design and development company is skilled at creating professional websites. The websites should be able to support and enhance a business’s online marketing and sales structure. Ask the potential design partner for proof of work and the types of websites they have designed and developed to appraise their expertise and range. Keep in mind you need to look at the functionalities of the websites created and not necessarily the business itself. For instance, if you are looking to create a website that allows your clients to book appointments online, check to see if the team has created this type of functionality for a website. The website need not be in the same niche as you. As long as the function you want it to perform is the same.

Go through work portfolio of potential website design and development companies to assess your options

3. Client testimonials and reviews?

Another strong indicator of a website development company’s competence is what their previous and existing clients have to say about their work. Client testimonials are a sneak peek into what you can expect. Go through as many client testimonials and reviews as possible. You can take it a step further by contacting those clients to verify the reviews and testimonials and get more information on the website agency’s capabilities, culture, and work ethics.

4. Where are they located?

Although this has nothing to do with a website agency’s technical prowess, choosing a design partner located in the same region as you can help with faster communication, especially during the initial stages of the design and development process. A big difference in the time zones between your locations can cause a delay in communication and inconvenience. Sometimes, cultural factors and language can cause hindrance in smooth communication and execution of the design and development process.

If you are a business in the Caribbean, you can contact WebFX. We are a Caribbean website design and development company located in Port of Spain, Trinidad, with almost 10 years of experience in web development. Working with clients across the Caribbean and South American countries, we have a clear understanding of the culture and the people in our region.

5. What is the process for ongoing maintenance and updates?

Your website will be your business’s online representation. As your business evolves and expands, your website will need to reflect these changes. Websites also require regular updates to comply with the latest technology and search engine requirements. Businesses should have a technology partner that they can engage to incorporate such changes, and for quick resolution of technical emergencies. Ensure the website development team you choose to work with has a clear and transparent process in place for ongoing maintenance tasks as well as website updates.

6. Basic training?

You or someone you trust on your team should have a basic understanding of how to use the website. This will allow you to make minor updates such as adding blog posts, changing contact details, and event images on your own. Ask your potential website development company if they will give you basic training on the website’s backend functionalities and usage.

Make sure your website design and development company will give you basic training of how to use your website

7. How will the website hosting work?

A website is a collection of files such as codes and images that are hosted on a server. Website hosting refers to allocating space on a webserver to store your website files. Internet users access your website stored in such webservers using the world wide web. Ask your website development company where will your website be hosted. If they are going to host your website, then what would be the procedure to move hosting in case you choose to work with a different company in the future. This point is slightly technical but very important.

8. Will the website be built using a content management system?

A content management system (CMS) is a platform that makes editing websites quick and simple even for non-technical persons. A website built using a good CMS will not require you to know HTML or CSS coding to be able to make changes.

Currently, WordPress is the most popular CMS for website development. The website design and development team at WebFX is well-trained and skilled in using WordPress with a focus on creating clean, responsive, and professional websites.

9. Do they follow SEO best practices?

SEO or search engine optimization is essential for your website to rank high on search engines like Google and Bing. Higher rankings bring increased visibility and organic traffic to the websites. Ask your potential website design partner if they have experience in creating SEO-friendly websites? Will they include on-page SEO elements on your websites such as Meta tags, sitemaps, and robots.txt files?

A website is an important part of your business’s digital marketing and online promotion. Therefore, finding the right web partner is an important task. Read more on 3 Crucial ways your website design company supports your business.

Partnering with a website team that understands the importance of your business’s online goals, is necessary to create a website that works in harmony with your digital marketing plans. Take your time to evaluate your options. Use the points mentioned here and research well before you finalize a team. Good luck!

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28 Apr 2021

Top 5 reasons to include a blog on your business website

Google loves fresh content. The best way to keep your website’s content fresh is by adding a blog. You can regularly share quality posts and articles for your target audience that are informative and attractive. This also indicates to Google that your business website aims to deliver quality material for your visitors and offers true value.

Blogging started as a personal diary that people used to share their opinions online but has turned into a powerful digital marketing tool for businesses seeking online success. Here we have listed 5 ways blogs help businesses achieve their online marketing goals.

Five reasons to include a blog on your business website

1. Establish your business website as an authority in your niche industry:

Sharing helpful and value-adding information on topics related to your niche industry allows website visitors, as well as search engines like Google, know that your website is a trusted and credible source in your business’s niche.

Sharing value adding content with your audience will make them perceive you as an expert in your field and allow you to showcase your knowledge. You can set your business brand up as an industry leader. Building an online reputation as an industry authority and creating a trusted reputation are key objectives of digital marketing solutions. If done successfully this can significantly boost a website’s conversion rates.

2. Improve the website’s search engine rankings:

A search engine connects your website to audiences that are actively looking for your products and services online. Securing high search engine rankings for keywords that increase your visibility to a targeted online audience is necessary to generate a consistent flow of relevant organic traffic.

Regular blog post submissions help improve website search engine rankings

Fresh and relevant content is the easiest way of helping search engines understand what industry your website belongs to and which search queries it should rank high for on SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages). By consistently adding new content, your website provides search engines with fresh and niche-related information to crawl and index. This makes blog posts an impactful tool to help your business establish a connection between your website and its niche industry. The more relevance you can generate the higher your rankings will be for targeted keywords.

3. Increase your followers and become an influencer:

A blog has the potential to turn your business website into an information hub that offers expert advice, counsel, facts, and details on various subjects in and around your business’s niche. Becoming a continuous source of reliable and helpful information can bring benefits to your business and brand in the form of loyal followers, turning your business website into a trusted industry influencer. Fostering a strong influence over the target market will offer your business many advantages such as:

  • Reach new customers
  • Connect with existing customers
  • Better quality leads
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Strengthen and scale brand awareness

Get in touch with WebFX, a website design and development company in Trinidad, and find out how you can incorporate a blog section into your business website.

4. Attract buyers in the research phase of the buying process:

A blog is a very effective medium for attracting potential customers who are still in the ‘information research’ and ‘evaluation’ stages of the buying process. These are the stages where the customers will research information and evaluate their options to help them find the best possible solution. Businesses can invite online consumers to their websites via blog posts that offer information that supports their research. For example, a business that sells sports shoes can provide information on which shoe type is best for running and why.

Choose blog post topics that attract buyers in the research phase of the buying process

By sharing such information, not only is a business helping buyers make the right decision, but they are also creating trust and authority by offering genuine value. The authority and influence created by a well-maintained blog can significantly impact how potential customers feel about your products and services. Brainstorm to come up with post ideas that will provide the information and data your potential customers seek.

5. Generate social media engagement:

Regular blog post submissions keep your website content fresh and your business’s social media accounts active. Each blog post published on your website can also be shared on various social media channels. Work with your social media management team and sync the website’s blog content strategy with social media content strategy. When planned well, both blog and social media can support each other to maximize engagement and impact.

If your business website does not have a blog, contact the website development professionals at WebFX. WebFX is a website design, development, and digital marketing company that works with clients across multiple Caribbean and South American nations like Guyana, Trinidad, Antigua, Grenada, St. Vincent, and the Grenadines, Barbados, and St. Lucia.

Due to its straightforward and easy-to-implement structure, blogging can be integrated into any form of digital marketing solution be it organic or paid. It is a cost-effective and versatile marketing strategy that has many benefits including overall development of business reputation and brand credibility online.

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