21 Jul 2020

Paid Digital Marketing – simplifying Facebook Ads

Facebook has emerged as one of the most lucrative paid ad platforms in the digital space. With 2.6 billion monthly active users belonging to an array of demographics, Facebook is sure to have an audience for any business niche. Facebook ad campaigns come with many benefits which include the following.

  • Cost effective
  • Laser-targeted campaigns
  • Comprehensive analytics and reporting
  • Multiple options for ad objectives
  • Supports re-targeting

A clear understanding of the following core concepts of Facebook advertising will enable you to create effective campaigns and avoid common mistakes that cost valuable resources.

Facebook ads for marketing business

1. Ad objective – Different ads are set up with different objectives in mind. Objectives for an ad campaign can be getting likes and shares, getting video views, creating brand awareness, collecting high quality leads, and so on. Before you set up an ad, have a clear idea of why do you want to set it up? Is it to increase website traffic or to collect leads? What objective you choose will depend on what action you want people to take when they see your ad.

2. Target audience – Targeting is one of the key factors that decides an ad’s performance. Showing your ad to wrong set of audience will result in loss of time, effort and money. Define your target audience correctly. Who are you trying to reach through this ad? What age group do they fall in? What are their interests and hobbies, and where do they live? These are examples of questions that can help you define laser focused targeting for successful ad campaigns on Facebook. Additional questions that help create correct customer avatar are:

– What books & magazines they read?

– Which authority figures they follow?

– What type of jobs they have?

– What events they like to attend?

3. Ad copy – An ad copy needs to give users reasons good enough for them to pay attention to your ad intruding their personal space on Facebook. An effective ad copy will clearly state why they need your offer and how will it solve their problems. An ad copy that creates a ‘Before’ scenario highlighting users’ pain points, followed by an ‘After’ scenario with benefits and solutions will have a higher probability of success.

4. Ad creative – Apart from being eye-catching, an ad creative must be congruent with the offer promised in the ad copy. An ad creative should be a visual representation of the ad copy. Testing with multiple sets of creatives and copies to narrow down to the best performing set is paid marketing best practice for setting up successful campaigns that receive maximum engagement.

5. Ad scent – Ad scent indicates the consistency in the offer promised in the ad and the landing page that appears when the ad is clicked on. If the people who click on your ad do not find what they were promised, they will leave the landing page without taking any action. Ad scent also includes adding visual similarities between the ad creative and the landing page through suitable color patterns and fonts. The idea is to ensure that the landing page does not lose the scent of the original ad.

6. Reporting and analytics – One of the reasons why digital marketing experts love Facebook is because of the outstanding reporting and analytics data it provides. However, for beginners it could get slightly overwhelming. The key is to pick few success metrics and stick to those for daily monitoring. Deep dive only to troubleshoot performance issue.

digital marketing analytics and reports

The best metrics for daily checks are:

  • Results
  • Cost per result

You can also look at age and gender to learn more about the set of target market your ad is attracting. If you are using multiple placements, keep an eye on those to pin point the ones performing the best

Setting up your 1st Facebook Ad:

A Facebook ad campaign is structured into three levels.

Level 1: Campaign Level – Choose your objective in the ‘Campaign’ level.

Level 2: Ad Set Level – Set your target audience, budget, ad placement, and bid type in the ‘Ad Set’ level.

Level 3: Ad Level – Upload your creative and write your copy in the ‘Ad’ level. Your ad is now ready to go live!

You can also choose to have a digital marketing expert handle your paid marketing campaigns. Find out why businesses need Digital Marketing Professionals.

The performance of your Facebook ad campaign will depend of how well you understand its core concepts. Once you have defined your campaign strategy, conceptualized your ad, and designed your creative and copy, setting up the ad will not take too long. Keep the initial budget low, continue testing, and increase the budget as you better understand your market.

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02 Jun 2020

Why Businesses Need Digital Marketing Professionals

In the recent years, the marketing paradigm has witnessed a massive shift. Our lifestyles have received an upgrade with advancing technology. Almost all aspects of our lives have gone digital. This shift has exponentially increased the potential for business growth using digital marketing methods.

There are many factors responsible for pulling businesses out of the traditional marketing mindset and convincing business owners to adopt the digital route. The need for businesses to go online and choose digital marketing strategies was a result of the following changes:

  • Rise of smartphones
  • Better internet connectivity
  • Switch in customer behaviour from traditional to digital
  • Convenient and easy accessibility provided by digital platforms
  • Potential to reach customers from around the world
  • Cost effectiveness of digital marketing as compared to traditional marketing methods
  • Flexibility offered by digital marketing methods to accommodate any business niche

businesses need digital marketing strategies

Why Businesses Need Digital Marketing Professionals?

Businesses big and small are equally interested in implementing digital marketing strategies to move toward exceptional growth. Having a professional with the know-hows of the industry take charge of the digital marketing structure of a business is a must. Find out why businesses needs digital marketing professional:

1. Finding the Right Online Audience – The success of online marketing and advertising largely depends on getting the targeting right. Digital marketing professionals have the accurate knowledge of different types of audience that hang out on different types of online platforms. For example, according to statistics, there are more women on Pinterest than men. Such information can make a huge impact on how a digital marketing campaign is strategized. Digital marketing professionals are also equipped with information on how to laser target a select group of audience based on what product/service is being promoted. From a business perspective, such as expertise is tremendous.

2. Stay Ahead of Competitors – Businesses of all types want to hire the best digital talent to lead their digital marketing campaigns. Digital marketing professionals have the required skillset, training and knowledge in the digital space to lead successful campaigns that can generate high ROI. Having the expertise of a digital marketing professional on your side will make sure the business is not lagging behind your competitors and is always ahead of the curve.

digital marketing campaigns to stay ahead of competitors

3. Keep Up with Digital Marketing Evolution – The digital landscape is always changing. As technology advances, new digital trends, tools, and techniques will keep popping up. It could get tedious for a business to keep track of these changes and find the best possible way of implementing them. Being a digital marketing professional also means continually learning new information, acquiring new skills and staying up-to-date with changing digital scenario. With their updated knowledge and experience in digital marketing field, digital marketing professionals can make the right adjustments to existing campaigns for best results.

The swift development in digital marketing scenario has presented businesses with big opportunities to grow and expand their reach. Digital marketing professionals have become an indispensable asset. With all the benefits digital marketing has to offer, the best move a business can make in today’s digital era is to bring aboard talented digital marketing professionals and take advantage of their skills and experience.

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