21 Jun 2021

Digital marketing news – What’s new in the digital marketing world

The number of Facebook users in Trinidad and Tobago was 981,000 as of May 2021[1]. Google and YouTube remain the most visited websites on the island [2]. 20% of Trinidad and Tobago’s population makes online purchases and/or pays bills online [3]. The statistics clearly indicate a rise in active internet users and the growing importance of digital marketing solutions for businesses in Trinidad and Tobago.

As an active digital advertising agency in Trinidad, we keep up with the ever-changing digital landscape. We’ve rounded up the latest digital marketing news below, so businesses can understand and analyse the upcoming trends and adapt accordingly:

LinkedIn announces new ad types

The number of people using LinkedIn during the pandemic increased slightly. With more users on the site than before, it might be time to talk to your digital marketing company in Trinidad about paid advertising on LinkedIn. LinkedIn announced recently that it will allow businesses to promote organic posts on their page. Similar to Facebook’s ‘boost post’ option. The platform has also introduced Event Ads so that businesses can promote their events. Newly introduced event analytics will give companies better insights into who is attending their event.

LinkedIn announced recently that it will allow businesses to promote organic posts on their page

Broad targeting to reach Apple users

Last month apple updated its privacy policy. iPhone users now have to provide consent to be tracked by various apps. According to experts, so far only 6% of iPhone users have consented to be tracked. This poses a challenge for digital marketing service providers and advertisers. For a long time, marketers have relied on location data to target specific audiences. As privacy laws strengthen around the world, and users become more sensitive to what information they are willing to share, brands need to be adaptive. Instead of relying on precise location data, marketers will need to use broader more approximate targeting. Google has also started distancing itself from 3rd party cookies and will discontinue the use of cookies in the Chrome browser by January 2022. Marketers need to focus more on contextual information and geo-targeting and reduce their reliance on cookies and data.

Snapchat introduces shoppable AR platform

Augmented reality enhances a user’s existing environment. Perhaps the most known AR game to date is Pokémon Go. AR is now being used to sell products. AR technology is being embraced by beauty brands as a digital marketing technique. In May 2021, Snapchat launched its first shoppable AR platform with MAC Cosmetics. The platform allows users to use four different lenses. Through augmented reality, users can see how 20 different MAC products would look like on them. A recent study conducted by Publicis for Snapchat found that the use of AR technology for shopping is increasing. Three in four respondents in the survey predicted that AR will play a greater role in how people shop over the coming years. The study was conducted for users in France, Saudi Arabia, the U.K., and the U.S.

Snapchat introduces shoppable augmented reality platform to enhance online shopping experience

Facebook launches Friday live stream shopping series

Facebook has announced that every Friday, until July 16th, the company will play shoppable live videos from the respective brand’s Facebook page. Brands that will be taking part in the live streams are Clinique, Sephora, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, and Abercrombie & Fitch. Live videos, streaming, and video content has become an essential part of digital marketing. During the pandemic, users were starved for content. Lockdown restrictions meant that in-store shopping was no longer an option. This has led to a change in how users shop for products. An increasing number of platforms are introducing shoppable content. Businesses that sell physical products need to start incorporating videos and similar content that streamlines and enhances the online shopping experience for users.

About WebFX – We are a website services and digital marketing company in Trinidad. We offer social media content curation, responsive website design, SEO, and mobile app development among other digital marketing services for businesses in Trinidad and other Caribbean and South American countries including Antigua, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Barbados, St. Lucia, Grenada and Guyana.

Did you find this post helpful? Here is some more helpful digital marketing information – Best Practices for Social Media Marketing in 2021


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12 Jun 2021

Best Practices for Social Media Marketing in 2021

Facebook was the most visited social media website in Trinidad and Tobago for the year 2020, accounting for over 50% market share. In second place was Pinterest (27%), followed by Facebook-owned Instagram (9%) [1].  Social media and digital marketing are powerful channels for businesses to generate sales, increase online visibility, and find new audiences.

However, the digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving. Users today are more concerned with privacy. Apple introduced its app tracking transparency framework for iOS earlier this year. Google has announced that it will be transitioning away from the use of third-party cookies for its ads and will not replace cookies with any other form of tracking. Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi said in December last year that the government of Trinidad and Tobago plans on strengthening data protection legislation in 2021.

Marketers need to adjust their social media strategies and content development plans to suit the new online marketing landscape. Below are some best practices to follow for social media marketing in 2021:

1. Think about when and how much you are posting

The Covid-19 pandemic made all of us take a breath and re-assess. With more time on their hands, people were not only looking for more content online but also paying closer attention to the content they were seeing. Brands had to take a step back and think about their online perception. Many companies started asking themselves, does my audience want to hear from me right now? Instead of churning out large volumes of content to please social media algorithms, there was a shift to creating value-adding content for audiences. This trend of quality over quantity will continue into 2021 and 2022. Businesses need to be more thoughtful about their social media content development. How often are you posting, what platforms are you posting on, and what ads have you purchased?

For social media marketing content choose quality over quantity

2. Short videos for the win

Tik Tok and Instagram reels saw massive growth in 2020. Short video content is here to stay. Even YouTube has joined the fray with the introduction of YouTube Shorts in March 2018. You can work with a social media content creation company that can create fun short video content on a consistent basis. Once the videos have been created, make sure you share them on all platforms.

3. Be present on more than one platform

It’s important for brands to diversify their presence on social media. Ensure that you are active on at least two or more platforms. This will provide security for your brand’s online presence as you are not completely dependent on a single platform. A multi-platform approach will also increase your chances of engaging with new audiences. Read more on top 4 reasons to choose social media for online advertising.

4. You don’t need high production value

As people worked from home this past year, marketing teams had to get creative with how they create content, particularly videos. Without access to studio equipment and fancy lighting, many marketers were creating content from their homes. Surprisingly, these low production value videos still connected with audiences. People identified with these types of videos more because they could see themselves in them. This more relatable, human approach to content creation is a recommended practice for 2021. Remember, content that adds value will be engaging even if it isn’t highly produced.

Social media content videos don’t need high production value

5. Leverage Instagram’s search friendliness

Instagram has announced that the platform will become more search-friendly. This means that people will be able to find relevant posts, videos, and accounts by typing a keyword in Instagram’s search bar. Earlier it was only possible to find content on Instagram with the use of hashtags. Businesses should take advantage of Instagram’s planned search friendliness. Include relevant keywords in post captions and your profile description. If possible, add the keyword to your Instagram account name. Ensure you follow other accounts from your niche so that Instagram’s algorithm will know what the content being posted from your account is about.

Contact WebFX if you are looking for a digital content provider in Trinidad. WebFX is a digital marketing and social media content creation company based in Trinidad and Tobago. The team has relevant experience and a deep local understanding that helps create successful social media strategies and digital content for businesses in Trinidad.


1. Feb 2021, S. Chevalier, “Jamaica: social media visit share 2020”, Statista, [available online] available from: https://www.statista.com/statistics/1124314/trinidad-tobago-share-visits-social-media-websites/ [accessed May 2021]

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