Responsive Websites

Everyone uses a mobile phone nowadays to access everything on the web, so a website needs to be responsive. What does responsive website design mean? It’s an approach to web design and development which creates dynamic changes to the appearance of a website, depending on the screen size and orientation of the device being used to view it. Wexfx is a website design company offering complete design, development and upgrade services for business websites in Trinidad and Tobago.

We need to understand how consumers navigate the web and on which devices. This influences the form and function of our design. We also have to look at things like users’ search trends to influence how we name pages on a site to influence search engine results (also called S.E.O.). A clean and responsive website design is so important to reach the ever increasing number of mobile phone users. Of course this must all be tied into a client’s business objectives and how the web site will help them achieve them.

We specialise in custom built websites, WordPress, Magento and other well known content management systems.


Montserrat Tourism Division

Tourism is the mainstay of many economies in the Caribbean and being a company with a Caribbean heritage, Webfx was proud to do the web design, web programming and project management for a new website for the Island of Montserrat at https://www.visitmontserrat.com/

The website is powered by WordPress and is fully responsive. Go check it out!


De Silva Realty

The real estate industry in the Caribbean is blossoming, as more foreigners give up cold winters to work remotely in the warmth of the Islands. This means real estate agents need a robust and dynamic website design, fully responsive and capable of querying many properties at once. Webfx did the web design, web development and web project management to create https://desilvarealty.com/.

A one stop shop for all your sale and rental needs.


Guyana Bank for Trade & Industry

One of the first and most long-standing clients in Guyana is GBTI. Webfx was engaged by GBTI to redesign their website at https://gbtibank.com but it later morphed into a full blown agency relationship with Webfx redesigning their website twice as well as assisting them with optimising online applications and other processes on the website to increase the convenience to their customers.

Webfx is the agency of record for GBTI.


Love from Our Clients

Webfx beat out bidders from North America, Europe, India and right here in the Caribbean. From the kick off meeting Douglas, Richelle and the rest of the team adopted a very hands on approach with us. It was more partners working together, each with a vested interest in developing an excellent final product.

Warren Solomon

Director of Tourism
The customer service is exceptional. We can call on them whenever we have Emergencies. We’ve been working with Webfx for a number of years and we do value and cherish their partnership

Pamela Binda

Marketing Manager