3 tools for creating better social media content

3 tools for creating better social media content

SEMRush conducted a survey with 1500 businesses about their content marketing strategy in 20211, the survey revealed some interesting insights:

  1. 46% of businesses that had a successful content strategy had increased their budget for paid content promotion
  2. 42% of businesses mentioned that they are taking their first steps in content marketing

We can infer two important things from these insights, firstly we can see that there is still a lot of scope for businesses to leverage social media content, as many businesses are still getting started in this area. Secondly, we can see that there is an uptick in investment for paid content promotion. If you are going to invest money in promoting content, you should ensure that it is of high quality. To be successful online in 2022, businesses need to invest in social media management and content marketing.

What you post online has a big impact on:

  1. The engagement you generate
  2. The image you create for your brand
  3. Reaching your online marketing goals

There are a lot of tools that social media marketers can use to improve the quality and reach of their social media content and to reduce the amount of effort and resources required to create said content. In this article we will look at some of the tools you can explore:

1. Answerthepublic.com

Answer the Public is a tool that provides you with visualisations of search queries related to a particular keyword or phrase. The tool can help you understand what questions people have regarding your selected keyword. If you know what people are searching for, you can create content that answers those queries.

Get social media content ideas from search queries

Answer the Public separates the visualisations based on themes, for example there will be one visualization for search queries that are questions like why, what, where, when, how etc. There will be a separate visualisation for search queries that include prepositions like with, for and to. The tool is a great resource for new ideas for blogs, social media content, infographics, FAQs, etc.

2. Hastagify.me

If used effectively, hashtags can help increase the reach of your content and increase visibility for your business. It can be difficult for marketers to identify the right hashtags to use for their social media content. Particularly since the social media space is so heavily influenced by trends, current events and news.

Hastagify.me makes social media management easier and more effective. Marketers can enter keywords that are relevant for their business and see if the hashtag has any traction. The website will provide you with information like usage patterns, who the top influencers are for a particular hashtag and even show recent examples of the use of a particular hashtag.

This information can be very helpful when conceptualizing your social media content and will guide you toward content ideas that can generate more engagement for your business.

3. Grammarly

Having correct grammar in your copy is important. Incorrect language can make a brand look unprofessional. English is a complex language and it can be difficult to remember all the rules required to be grammatically correct, particularly for non-native speakers. This is where a tool like Grammarly can be very useful. You can install the Grammarly extension to your chrome browser and it will start to give grammar and spelling suggestions whenever you are typing text on a website within the browser.

Creating social media content using online tools

The premium version of Grammarly will also make suggestions to improve your copy. It can give suggestions to improve sentence structure, word choice, etc. It also has a plagiarism checker which makes it easier to ensure you are not publishing any copied content to your website. The penalty for duplicate content by Google on websites is quite strict and hence this is a very useful feature.

Apart from tools for social media content, there are a lot of different tools available online that can be used for social media management. The tools mentioned above will help you create your visuals and copy. Tools like Agorapulse can help you stay organized and plan an effective content distribution strategy.

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