Video Digital Content creation for Personal Branding

Why Videos Are The Best Digital Content For Personal Branding

Personal branding is a valuable aspect of marketing. With every post we put up on social media, and every blog article we publish, we inevitably create personal branding. Content is used to communicate with our target audience and personal branding is the process of using content to establish our core personality, values and beliefs, with our target audience.

How do you want your target audience to see you? Personal branding needs to address this question. Personal branding does not mean creating a pseudo personality, but one that is true to our core values and goals.

You have to stay true to your heritage; that’s what your brand is about.” – Alice Temperley

Once you know how you would want your target audience to see you, you can actively create content that firmly establishes this personality online. By taking control of your personal branding content creation, you can represent yourself in the best possible manner to your customers.

showing core personality values and beliefs through personal branding

Five Benefits Of Creating a Personal Brand

  • You will establish higher credibility and will gain trust of the target audience
  • Your relationship with your customers will improve
  • Customer loyalty will become stronger, improving customer retention
  • Your brand will appear more human and less business to your target market
  • Your perceived value will increase
  • You will stand out from your competition

Reasons that make videos perfect digital content for personal branding:

Give Your Brand A Face!

Videos let you put yourself right in front of your viewers, giving your brand a face. Putting yourself in front of the camera turns your campaign into a personal message rather than a salesy ad. Your brand becomes more human than business, and thus, positively impacts customers’ trust and loyalty.

Give your brand a face with video digital content

Don’t Sell, Tell A Story!

Stories are impactful. Successful marketing and advertising rely on the art of storytelling to leverage their campaign messaging. Video content makes it easier to tell compelling stories that often include a before and after scenario for the target audience, urging them to ‘take action’.

For example: A business financial advisor can tell a story about a client who was struggling with his business retirement plan, and had sleepless nights worrying about the future of his company and his employees. This completes the ‘Before’ scenario consisting of pain-points. The story then continues into the ‘After’ scenario where the financial advisor’s consultation and assistance, helped the client successfully create a retirement plan for himself, and secure the future of his family members and of his employees.

Stories help add human elements to a business campaign. They are an effective and engaging way of reaching and connecting with your target audience at a deeper level. Video digital content allows marketers to be creative and impactful with their storytelling, making videos one of the most powerful tools in a marketer’s toolbox.


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