The Role:

Do you have a passion for graphic design, photography, videography, animation, copywriting or all of the above? We want you to join our Content Army to help us produce the best digital content that our region has to offer! You can work with us freelance, full time, part time, on weekends, it’s entirely up to you. We just want the best creative content that you have to offer in the medium that you know best – whether it’s photos of your country, locally animated characters or a play with words. We want the best local content around!

The Tasks:

  1. Have fun producing the content that you love, whether part time or full time
  2. Work with our Account Management and Digital Content teams to produce the most creative and engaging content for use on social media
  3. Take photos, record videos, create animations or write the most beautiful pieces from your homeland, whichever is your skill set. We’ll use this content for our clients’ content marketing strategy and pay you for it!
  4. Attend parties, fetes, national events, national ceremonies and other events on our behalf to gather content
  5. Think of content that will resonate on social media for our clients. Stuff that will go viral and be a hit! Photos, a funny video skit, memes, a photo with a story? Let your imagine go wild

Entry Requirements:

  1. Love what you do!
  2. Create, compose, and edit photos, videos and/or animations
  3. Write with a conversational style, in the case of a Copywriter
  4. Strong Imaginative skills and creative thinking. Out of the box and even whacky
  5. Ability to effectively manage time and schedules
  6. Ability to work independently and as a member of a team
Job Employer: Webfx
Job Type: Freelance
Job Days: Monday to Friday

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