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Who are we at Webfx?

We’re a crazy group that hires and inspires disruptive talent to produce truly out of the box solutions
for our clients’ web sites, mobile apps, online games and social media content.

Meet our Team

Webfx has truly been my most challenging yet enjoyable job. Every day I learn something new and I love the fact that every day is never the same at Webfx, good and bad. If you are not challenging yourself you are limiting your true potential

Richelle Persad Client Services Manager

I love working with the team. They think I’m the driving force but they drive me more than they realize

Douglas Ames Managing Director

Our team consists of pencil pushers, web developers, designers, project managers, content producers and creative office clowns that live on the cutting edge. This doesn’t mean we’re reckless, but we understand the need to innovate and be different like Steve Jobs, except without the billions of dollars (maybe in the future?). The company is owned and operated in Trinidad and Tobago by Douglas Ames, who refers to himself as the Chief Dishwasher. We’ll let Douglas explain why he calls himself that when you meet him! We’re proud to be Caribbean and serve our native homeland as your one stop shop for everything from digital advertising in the Caribbean to social media marketing and content curation. We’ve been around since 2010 and hope to stay for many more. We’re also a recognised agency in the Caribbean by Facebook and Google. We work with Facebook and Google daily to ensure we always have additional minds to guide us along the way.

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