The Vanity Behind Metrics

Metrics. Love them or hate them, they are intrinsic to digital advertising. Choosing the right one however could mean the difference between an inflated flop or genuine growth for your brand.

Proving the success of your latest campaign or activation is a big part of any marketers job. Brand affinity and top of mind awareness are often the key goals of any campaign, but the unspoken reality is that you need to show your ROI to justify your strategy and spend.

The truth is, everyone thinks they are a social media expert – from the sales manager who thinks you “need to be way more hard sell”, to the CEO who is looking at the competition and seeing they have more comments under their posts than you have under yours – so it is your job to keep the brand aligned to meet its objectives.

A ton of Followers, Likes, Comments and Shares looks amazing. These metrics are great for judging engagement, don’t get us wrong, but they are not the only way to measure the success of your campaign. Metrics like Reach, Frequency, Ad Recall and Attention all work to ensure your content is not only relatable, it’s also effective. Facebook itself advises that 99% of people who saw an ad and then bought the product, never even clicked or commented on that ad. Chasing “engagers” can be expensive as well – with targeting those users being up to 5X more expensive than those who are least likely to engage. Does this mean you never want your audience to like comment or share? Of course not, but it does mean you want to be very targeted to optimise your spending.

Don’t just look like a successful campaign. Build one from the ground up!

Follow us this month as we unpack metrics of all types, vanity and otherwise. Speak to the experts at WebFX, a digital solutions company in Trinidad to plan and manage your business’s social media marketing. The Creative Team of Social Media Managers and Digital Content Producers at WebFX have worked with many businesses in the Caribbean and are constantly advancing their skills to ensure maximum reach and engagement for their clients.



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