12 Mar

Israel Ramjohn

Israel Ramjohn is a Multimedia Designer at WebFX. In his pre-school days he was playing with plasticine. In secondary school it was with paint brushes and clay. At the tertiary level and in the professional world now, he plays with the camera and the mouse. Israel has always been a visual artist and he sees any creative challenge as a potentially fun venture!

He thinks it’s a brilliant way to cheat life by getting paid to do something you actually really love. He loves all aspects of filmmaking and writing scripts (but that hasn’t turned a profit just yet).

On things that he loves, food comes in a close second. Israel has been cooking up a storm in the family business since he could reach the countertop and eating as much as he could fit in his big mouth. Dragon Boat Racing is the next love and he has been paddling since 2008, representing T&T at two IDBF World Championships and still training every weekend so all the extra calories balance out. Lastly, he loves to smile, because joy multiplies when it is shared.

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