Douglas Ames
Managing Director
I love working with the team. They think I’m the driving force but they drive me more than they realize

Douglas Ames is the Owner and Managing Director of Webfx. We call him “Doug-E-Slaughter” after his tyrannical behavior when deadlines aren’t met.

Douglas has always been involved in managing technology, starting with his career in the telecommunications industry in 1996 running a Call-Back service. He then entered the world of Internet media, with the launch and eventual sale of the HOMEVIEW group of websites.

As a graduate of St. Anthony’s College in Diego Martin, Trinidad, he learnt that hard work and dedication pays off. He likes running, liming, reading (The Economist is his favourite magazine) and eating Sushi!

Organisational skills
Microsoft Office Suite
Web Developer
Sink or Swim!

Nathalia Sankar is a Web Developer who has a MSc. in Computer Science from the University of The West Indies.

She believes that one should “never let success go to your head and never let failure go to your heart”. Volunteering, animals and her dogs are very close to her heart.

Nathalia is a multi-tasking genius. She can open and close the right application windows and browser tabs, faster than the eye can track. Legend has it that Windows created a secret multi-tasking operating system, just for her.

Being social before coffee
Being technical so people leave me alone.
Digital Content Producer
The journey is what counts. Life is not a race, it is the prize at the end of the day.

Jabari Daniel is a Digital Content Producer at Webfx. He has a B.A in Visual Arts from University of the West Indies, St. Augustine. He previously worked in The Activist Concept with Internationally acclaimed clients like Major Lazer, Machel Montano, Kes, Nadia Batson, Skinny Fabulous.

Jabari’s hobbies include football, video games like Fifa, Fortnite and Mario Kart and making music. He also enjoys outdoor activities such as running, bike riding, roller skating and ice skating.

Doing the wave with my eyebrow
Making people believe I'm a Black Panther actor
Making lit beats
There's never a dull moment! I'm constantly learning something new as we work in a dynamic environment that's ever-evolving. You might get thrown into the deep-end here, but it's all part of the experience.
Danielle Tardieu Moze is an Account Manager at Webfx. She has studied Travel & Tourism Management at Miami Dade College, and attended secondary schools across Asia, in Pakistan, Qatar and Indonesia. She previously interned at Sandals Royal Caribbean in Montego Bay, Jamaica, then spent 6 years as a Marketing/Customer Service Rep. at IRP Fire & Safety Ltd. in Trinidad.
Her hobbies include, finding dogs to play with, spending time with friends and family, reading, travelling and design (clothes, shoes and interiors).
Curating travel experiences for friends and family. I have my whole life's travel itinerary mapped out too.
Creative writing. I write like I'm writing a novel though. Thank goodness for content producers who can shorten my content copy appropriately.
I can eat anything I want. Metabolism don't fail me now.
Richelle Persad - Account Manager
Client Services Manager
Webfx has truly been my most challenging yet enjoyable job. Every day I learn something new and I love the fact that every day is never the same at Webfx, good and bad. If you are not challenging yourself you are limiting your true potential

Richelle Persad is the Client Services Manager at Webfx. She has a Bachelors degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management from Florida International University and her MBA in Marketing from Florida Atlantic University. Richelle spent some time working in traditional advertising, but her thirst for interactive marketing brought her to Webfx.

Richelle’s pleasant nature has helped her to maintain a great relationship with her clients, but her timeliness and efficiency makes it easy. She loves Carnival and enjoys working on Carnival campaigns more than any other project. In preparation for her favourite time of the year, Richelle goes to the gym at the wee hours of the morning when her colleagues are either still asleep or in transit to work.

Can eat junk food everyday
Can get non-Massy Stores employees to bring the heavy office water 🙂
Nikesha Weekes - Customer Experience Representative
Digital Content Producer
Unlike traditional jobs, each day working at Webfx as a Digital Content Producer is unpredictable and fun! We work in tandem with our clients to ensure that they are well represented. Each customer we interact with must know at the end of each conversation, that the brand truly cares about them

Nikesha Weekes is a Digital Content Producer. She was born in Trinidad and Tobago but she also boasts of strong Grenadian roots. She studied Business Administration with years of Customer Service experience as a Telemarketer and Sales Supervisor. Nikesha went on to develop these skills as a Sales Executive where she delivered many presentations to potential and subsequent clients. She continues to advance these skills with her continued work in the customer experience field. Nikesha loves the outdoors and spontaneous road trips.

What her colleagues call her during the lunch hour: Mother

Can trick colleagues into getting me cookies for doing a job I’m already paid for
Giving everyone in Webfx a nickname and secretly blaming it on other persons
Ducking out on water duties
Senior Graphic Designer
Working at WebFx teaches me everything I want to know about both innovation and efficiency in business.

Christopher Russell is a Senior Graphic Designer at WebFx. He has over 10 years experience in Graphic Design working at various advertising agencies and for him self. His portfolio is filled with award winning designs from major national and regional brands. He studied Graphic Design at the College of Science, Technology and Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago (COSTAATT) where he has almost completed his BA.

Chris is also an entrepreneur, who takes pleasure in coming with ideas and turning them into businesses either for him self or for others. He is always researching ways of maximizing digital media that is often applied to WebFx clients to achieve their goals.

Chris loves to laugh and has an overactive sense of humor. He enjoys food, liming with and applying his creativity to everyday life like cooking and fashion.

Looking innocent but really is a savage
Eating 2nd lunches
Mastering web coding
Account Manager
Working at WebFx is like being on a roller coaster- you just have to hold on and enjoy the ride. The diverse and dynamic WebFx team ensures that passion and creativity are at the heart of all projects executed.

Amanda Fernandes is an Account Manager at WebFx. She was born and raised in south Trinidad to a Guyanese father and a Trinidadian mother. She pursued an undergraduate degree in Child, Youth and Family Studies at the University of Guelph, Canada and has a Masters of Education with a focus on Health Promotion at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine.

Having developed and executed a life skills programme in thirteen schools in Trinidad, Amanda has a wealth of experience in curriculum development and programme facilitation. She dabbled quite a bit in social media management and blogging and was instantly drawn to the world of digital media. Her passion for interacting with people and building relationships coupled with her interest in digital media led her to WebFx.

Amanda loves to spend her free time with friends and family, working out and cooking.

Most easily persuaded to indulge in a cheat meal (DQ or Hakka)
Blaming all problems in the office on the ac
Sneezing 100 times per minute (which is also the ac’s fault)
Digital Content Producer
Working at Webfx is a constant reminder of how important being creative and connected is. It’s not just about finding what you like but what will make the most impact. When you find that balance, it’s like gold.

Megan is a Digital Content Producer at Webfx. She was born and raised in Trinidad but moved around quite a bit and lived in Toronto for 6 years before returning home.

Megan has her BA in Literature and Communications from the College of Science, Technology and Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago (COSTAATT) where she received the highest GPA in her field of study and also got the opportunity to go to Greece and participate in the World Universities Debating Championship as a member of COSTAATT’s debate team. She previously worked at ad agencies and first applied for the job of Customer Experience Rep but became a Digital Content Producer instead, which turned out to be a much better fit.

When she’s not working, Megan likes to spend time with her dogs. As a literature lover she likes to travel, read and write. However, she also consumes a lot of TV and films; she particularly likes Vintage and Indie horror films. She hopes to one day create something that’s on par with her favorite writers and film makers.

Being indecisive about what to eat for lunch
Can laugh at an image until she cries
Drive to work with a dog in the backseat and not know it
Weekend Customer Experience Representative
Be strong enough to stand alone, be yourself enough to stand apart, but be wise enough to stand together when the time comes

Brehme is a Weekend Customer Experience Representative, however, his job during the week is providing Petroleum Engineering Services to the Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries.  He holds an MSc. in Petroleum Engineering and a BSc. in Chemical and Process Engineering.

Brehme believes that you should never take what you have for granted, people will always underestimated you. Therefore, that should be your drive to prove them wrong.

However music is Brehme’s passion and besides all the other things he’s good at, he also seems to be a professional wearer of sunglasses.


Eating as much KFC as I want without getting fat
Washing Wares
Web Multimedia Designer
Webfx is a highly creative space where we are allowed to explore the beauty of design, with a key focus on web business. This allows me to solve creative problems, and make sense of everyday design challenges.

Dwayne Waldron is a Web Multimedia Designer who has a BSc. Computing (Software Systems Emphasis) from Andrews University.

He previously used his skill of web development and graphics design at Davyn, TrinibuyTriniSell, Ministry of Attorney General and at Goodwill Industries of the West Indies.

Football, Basketball and Tennis are his outdoor loves. Otherwise, Dwayne can be caught engaging in debates over the latest tech and gadgets.

Dwayne believes “the little things do matter. Details are king”.

Can eat like a healthy ninja all day long
Can eat Content Producer's snacks on Creative Wednesdays
Can be caught debating over the latest tech and gadgets
Customer Experience Representative
Working at Webfx is a Digital Dream come true!

J’Que is a Customer Experience Representative.  After discovering her passion for marketing, she pursued a BA (Hons) Marketing and has since followed it up with several digital marketing qualifications. As if that wasn’t enough, she also ventured into the fields of Event and Project Management, earning qualifications in both.

J’Que has worked in both the Event Management and Corporate Training industries where she was exposed to the principles of learning to work effectively with others.

She believes that attitude is everything. How we see the world shapes our reaction, which is why J’Que always tries to see things from a different viewpoint.

J’Que is the proud owner of four energetic and super sweet dogs whom she loves very much. An introvert at heart, she finds inner peace in solitude. However, almost contradictorily, as an avid conversationalist, she thrives on making deep, personal connections with people and is always willing to make a new friend.


Laughing at Rev's jokes
Harassing the account managers for information
Reaching very early but leaving on time
Snr. Developer
Keep on keeping on

Roger Gajraj is a Senior Developer who holds a BSc. in Computer Science from the University of Guyana and attended The University of the West Indies, pursuing an M.Phil in Computer Science.

Coding and Teaching are his passions. He has experience lecturing computer science at all his alma maters.

In his spare time, he likes to create software from ideas and try to take over the world. He’ll also be quick to tell a Trinidadian – “It’s ‘chicken curry’ not ‘curry chicken’!”

Solving a problem
Creating a problem
Weekend Customer Experience Representative
I am a social animal and enjoy interacting with people. WebFx provides me an opportunity to put that basic urge to use for a purpose.

Nikita Camacho is a Weekend Customer Experience Representative. On week days, Nikita is a bibliophile who enjoys working in a Library.

Regular girls collect shoes but Nikita collects quotes. Some of her favourites are:

  • “Texting is a brilliant way to communicate how you feel, unless you send the text to the wrong person”
  • “To be where you want to be, you must love where you are now and feel excited about where you are going. It’s a careful balance, but when you tune it right, it’s the most beautiful transition.” – Kristen Butler

She also describes herself as an outdoor *Enthusiast with a love/ hate relationship for running and exercise – “I love the idea but not the execution”.

*Nikita made sure she corrected an improper use of a capital letter E  in this bio profile.

Can correct your grammar and spelling without being a jerk.
Can lift slightly more than you think I can.
Listens attentively to boring stories.


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