Understanding the importance of design for web landing pages

Understanding the importance of design for web landing pages

According to a report by Hubspot based on information from 7000 businesses, increasing the number of landing pages on a website from 10 to 15 can lead to a 55% increase in conversions [1]. When it comes to landing pages, the general consensus seems to be the more the better. But the true test of an effective landing page is its conversion. Conversion rates are influenced greatly by design, layout and load time. In this article we take a closer look at landing pages and the role web design plays in making them effective. Let’s start at the beginning:

What are web landing pages?

As per their strictest definition, landing pages are pages that act as the entry point to a website. However, this is not a full or effective description. A landing page is first and foremost a marketing tool. It is used to generate leads and increase traffic to a business’s website. These pages can be entirely self-contained or be designed to lead users to other pages and sections of a website.

What is a web landing page

A visitor may reach a landing page by clicking on:

  1. A result from a search engine
  2. A link in a marketing email
  3. An online advertisement
  4. A link in some other type of marketing material

Landing pages are referred to by different names based on the intent for which they were created:

  • Lead capture page: Typically include a form and are meant to generate leads. A visitor need not go to any other page on the website.
  • Single property page: Is designed to be completely self-contained. They are generally used for custom or limited period offers. They are not heavily connected to the main website and may even have their own distinct look and feel.
  • Squeeze page: Similar to a lead capture page, these pages have a form. Usually, they direct (squeeze) the visitor to the next stage of the sales funnel.
  • Destination page: Generally, part of a larger campaign or a set of email responders, destination pages are the final page users reach after several other touch points with your organization. For example, they may receive an email, click and land on a lead capture page and after filling a form are redirected to a destination page. This is the end of their customer journey.

Importance of design for landing pages

As an experienced web development agency in the Caribbean, we at WebFX understand the importance of design for landing pages. As mentioned above, the design, layout and load speed of a landing page has a direct impact on its conversion rate. Conversion rates for landing pages can range between 10 and 26% of website visitors. A higher rate of conversion is achieved by pages that are well designed and load within 0 to 2 seconds. Ensuring a quick load time is another reason you should hire a reputed website development company in Trinidad.

Best design practices for landing pages in 2021

1. One page per audience type

Good design isn’t just about colours and fonts. It’s mainly about user experience. This is why it’s important to put in time to create distinct buckets for your audience. Create one landing page per bucket so that you can customize the content, offer, messaging and layout to best appeal to that audience. As mentioned above, the more landing pages you have the more leads you can expect.

2. The user journey begins before they land on the page

Your customer’s journey does not begin after they land on your landing page, it starts from their point of entry, i.e., did they see an online ad, a link in an email, or a search result? You should make sure that your landing pages match their entry point. For example, ensure the messaging of the online ads matches the messaging of the landing page they are linked to.

3. Minimize CTAs

Too much of a good thing can be bad. This is true for CTAs. Giving visitors too many options on what action they can take on a landing page can negatively impact conversion rate. Give visitors a focused action to take. Keep your CTA options limited to two or maximum three per page.

Are you are interested in creating and optimizing the landing pages for your website? Contact WebFX. We provide professional website design and development services to businesses in the Caribbean and South American countries like Trinidad, Antigua, Guyana and St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Barbados, St. Lucia and Grenada. Quality landing pages can help increase your marketing ROI. Invest correctly so that you can optimize your sales funnel and maximize ROMI.


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