3 Hard Digital Truths

Digital marketing has become ubiquitous in our everyday lives. It’s a key tool in the arsenal of any savvy marketer, allowing them to develop timely and relevant content for their target market. The ability to track performance in real time and switch gears to optimise performance are invaluable, but don’t be fooled. All digital strategies are not made equal! Here are 3 Hard Truths about digital marketing.

#1: You can’t take reactions to the bank

Your campaign has gone viral – great news! It’s time to bust out the champagne right? Well, not so fast! How many of those likes, comments and shares converted into commercial activity for your brand. Simply put, can you quantify how many of those likes actually turned into sales? Facebook says that on average, 99% of people who saw an ad and then bought a product have never interacted with the ad. People who like, comment and share make up only a small subset of your total audience. Consider adding more tangible KPI’s like Reach, Traffic, Downloads, Conversions/Leads and sales on e-commerce enabled platforms to give you a holistic idea of how your campaigns are doing.

#2: Less is More

There is no easy way to say this, but flooding your page with spammy and irrelevant content won’t make it more effective.  More is actually less, so why waste your time and budget creating and boosting content that nobody cares to see? Focus on the things that truly move the needle.

#3: Social Media is not a Digital Strategy

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but you will be surprised how many brand owners think that a digital strategy begins and ends with social media. Websites, apps, e-newsletters, the Internet of things are all integrated into the lives of consumers. They’re always connected and expect to be able to view, order and pay online and get assistance 24/7. The most exciting and relevant post could never achieve all of that. Don’t lose out on customers just because you are the least convenient choice! Consider your entire customer journey and develop digital touchpoints to engage with the consumer at each stage of that journey.

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