24 Jun 2020

A Guide To Publishing Great Blog Posts

Blogging is an essential part of digital marketing. Not only is blogging great for boosting rankings on search engines, it also helps business websites build a lasting online presence. Blogging has some powerful benefits that a business simply cannot afford to ignore.

Amazing benefits of good blogging:

  1. Helps website keep its content fresh
  2. Boosts search engine rankings
  3. Establishes business as an expert in its niche
  4. Adds real value to customer experience
  5. Creates internal linking opportunities
  6. Attracts customers who are in the research stage of the buying cycle

Effective blogging is fundamental to the success of your online marketing efforts. Here are 8 points to help you create compelling blog posts that support and strengthen digital marketing solutions.

Blogging is necessary for  successful online marketing

Guide to publishing great Blog Posts

1. Create a headline that commands the reader’s attention – An effective headline stands out to grab reader’s attention. Do not create misleading headlines to increase click through rate. If the content does not deliver what’s promised to the readers in the headline, they will leave your blog post dissatisfied. Create a headline that promises value in the form of information or entertainment.

2. The first paragraph – The purpose of the first paragraph of a blog post is to convince readers to continue investing their time in the rest of the piece. The first paragraph must be engaging, while staying consistent with the title.

3. The main article – In the main article body, we must deliver what was promised to the readers in the article’s title. Keep your content flow natural and do not be too concerned about keyword density. Think about how your article is going to help your readers and why should they invest their time in it.

4. A concluding sentence to encourage reader participation – It can be a simple question or a statement that stimulates a healthy discussion. It can even be something as simple as “Did you find this post helpful?“. The objective of a concluding sentence is to encourage readers to participate through comments and shares.

5. Related media to boost engagement – Media in the form of images, videos and gifs are necessary to break the monotony of a plain text blog post. Find and include media related to your content to create interesting and informative reads for your viewers.

6. User friendly format – No matter how well your article is written, bad formatting can still cost you many valuable readers. Keep the blog post format clean so it’s easy for the readers to consume information. Use small neat paragraphs accompanied with sub-headings. Add bullet points in the post wherever you get an opportunity to.

tips for writing an effective blog post

7. Don’t forget to add a ‘Call To Action’ – A CTA or Call To Action guides readers to the next step after reading the post.  It can be subscribing to website’s newsletter or simply booking a free consultation on the website. The job of CTA is to prompt readers to ‘Take Action’ on your website.

8. Optimize for Search Engines – Once your blog post to ready to go live, it’s time to optimize it for search engines. Adding on-page elements like Title Tags and Meta Descriptions helps search engines like Google and Bing understand what your blog post talks about. This is a crucial step to get higher rankings and greater visibility online.

Blogging supports many different facets of online marketing. From lead generation to growing organic traffic and followers online, blogging is an irreplaceable component of digital marketing solutions. Use these 8 basic yet powerful points to navigate through your blogging journey so you can build a content powerhouse for your business.

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17 Jun 2020

Why Videos Are The Best Digital Content For Personal Branding

Personal branding is a valuable aspect of marketing. With every post we put up on social media, and every blog article we publish, we inevitably create personal branding. Content is used to communicate with our target audience and personal branding is the process of using content to establish our core personality, values and beliefs, with our target audience.

How do you want your target audience to see you? Personal branding needs to address this question. Personal branding does not mean creating a pseudo personality, but one that is true to our core values and goals.

You have to stay true to your heritage; that’s what your brand is about.” – Alice Temperley

Once you know how you would want your target audience to see you, you can actively create content that firmly establishes this personality online. By taking control of your personal branding content creation, you can represent yourself in the best possible manner to your customers.

showing core personality values and beliefs through personal branding

Five Benefits Of Creating a Personal Brand

  • You will establish higher credibility and will gain trust of the target audience
  • Your relationship with your customers will improve
  • Customer loyalty will become stronger, improving customer retention
  • Your brand will appear more human and less business to your target market
  • Your perceived value will increase
  • You will stand out from your competition

Reasons that make videos perfect digital content for personal branding:

Give Your Brand A Face!

Videos let you put yourself right in front of your viewers, giving your brand a face. Putting yourself in front of the camera turns your campaign into a personal message rather than a salesy ad. Your brand becomes more human than business, and thus, positively impacts customers’ trust and loyalty.

Give your brand a face with video digital content

Don’t Sell, Tell A Story!

Stories are impactful. Successful marketing and advertising rely on the art of storytelling to leverage their campaign messaging. Video content makes it easier to tell compelling stories that often include a before and after scenario for the target audience, urging them to ‘take action’.

For example: A business financial advisor can tell a story about a client who was struggling with his business retirement plan, and had sleepless nights worrying about the future of his company and his employees. This completes the ‘Before’ scenario consisting of pain-points. The story then continues into the ‘After’ scenario where the financial advisor’s consultation and assistance, helped the client successfully create a retirement plan for himself, and secure the future of his family members and of his employees.

Stories help add human elements to a business campaign. They are an effective and engaging way of reaching and connecting with your target audience at a deeper level. Video digital content allows marketers to be creative and impactful with their storytelling, making videos one of the most powerful tools in a marketer’s toolbox.

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02 Jun 2020

Why Businesses Need Digital Marketing Professionals

In the recent years, the marketing paradigm has witnessed a massive shift. Our lifestyles have received an upgrade with advancing technology. Almost all aspects of our lives have gone digital. This shift has exponentially increased the potential for business growth using digital marketing methods.

There are many factors responsible for pulling businesses out of the traditional marketing mindset and convincing business owners to adopt the digital route. The need for businesses to go online and choose digital marketing strategies was a result of the following changes:

  • Rise of smartphones
  • Better internet connectivity
  • Switch in customer behaviour from traditional to digital
  • Convenient and easy accessibility provided by digital platforms
  • Potential to reach customers from around the world
  • Cost effectiveness of digital marketing as compared to traditional marketing methods
  • Flexibility offered by digital marketing methods to accommodate any business niche

businesses need digital marketing strategies

Why Businesses Need Digital Marketing Professionals?

Businesses big and small are equally interested in implementing digital marketing strategies to move toward exceptional growth. Having a professional with the know-hows of the industry take charge of the digital marketing structure of a business is a must. Find out why businesses needs digital marketing professional:

1. Finding the Right Online Audience – The success of online marketing and advertising largely depends on getting the targeting right. Digital marketing professionals have the accurate knowledge of different types of audience that hang out on different types of online platforms. For example, according to statistics, there are more women on Pinterest than men. Such information can make a huge impact on how a digital marketing campaign is strategized. Digital marketing professionals are also equipped with information on how to laser target a select group of audience based on what product/service is being promoted. From a business perspective, such as expertise is tremendous.

2. Stay Ahead of Competitors – Businesses of all types want to hire the best digital talent to lead their digital marketing campaigns. Digital marketing professionals have the required skillset, training and knowledge in the digital space to lead successful campaigns that can generate high ROI. Having the expertise of a digital marketing professional on your side will make sure the business is not lagging behind your competitors and is always ahead of the curve.

digital marketing campaigns to stay ahead of competitors

3. Keep Up with Digital Marketing Evolution – The digital landscape is always changing. As technology advances, new digital trends, tools, and techniques will keep popping up. It could get tedious for a business to keep track of these changes and find the best possible way of implementing them. Being a digital marketing professional also means continually learning new information, acquiring new skills and staying up-to-date with changing digital scenario. With their updated knowledge and experience in digital marketing field, digital marketing professionals can make the right adjustments to existing campaigns for best results.

The swift development in digital marketing scenario has presented businesses with big opportunities to grow and expand their reach. Digital marketing professionals have become an indispensable asset. With all the benefits digital marketing has to offer, the best move a business can make in today’s digital era is to bring aboard talented digital marketing professionals and take advantage of their skills and experience.

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